Cool Craft Ideas You Can Sell For Extra Money

Imagine having a good and easy way to make money while having fun and in the comfort of your home? The amazing thing about it all is that you’ll only have to use your creative skills, a small investment in some raw materials, and voila! Most of these craft ideas are DIY, easy to make, and are always in demand. This means that there’s a ready and available market just waiting for your products. That sounds exciting, right? It is and that’s why we have compiled some cool craft ideas that you can sell for extra money.

  1. Printed T-shirts

Printed tees have become an iconic symbol in the fashion industry and this has helped to create jobs and in promoting creativity. Printed t-shirts are a fashion statement that never goes out of style. However, this is a craft that requires you to invest in the right tools and this is where Vinyl Cutters come in handy. The right investment will help you create unique designs and prints that will keep them coming. This is how you monetize your craft and make a living out of it but it’s all about investing in the right equipment.

  1. Shag Rugs

A fluffy rag is a great accompaniment in any room. When combined with the right colored furniture, they play a vital role in enhancing indoor decor, while at the same time, providing that comfy appeal. They are accessories in almost every modern home. As you can see, there’s a high demand for fluffy rags.

The raw and minimum requirements needed for this simplistic project include a mesh that acts as the foundation and a base that holds the entire structure, crotchet, yarn, and a pair of scissors. With some basic crocheting skills, you can make a fluffy or shaggy rug for your home or for sale. You can make it more interesting by blending colors and choosing wools of the highest intensity and quality. Yarns made of wool are the most preferred because of their soft texture and durability.

  1. Dappled Coasters and Placemats

Every bar and restaurant needs to have coasters and placemats. They are used as multipurpose tools for both protection and decoration. Different designs and colors can be applied to produce that fine, glossy, and marbled finish that will add beauty and a smile on your customers’ faces. Additionally, these two can also be used at home as table runners when it comes to preventing table rings.

  1. Architectural Bracelets

A bracelet is one of the most worn accessories by people of all ages. You can go the extra mile and add pizzazz by creating bracelets using different materials such as wood, multi-colored beads, or magnetic pieces. To complete your bracelet, add a tassel at both ends to give it a modern trend. Multi-designs and colors will give your clients more options to accessorize with when combined with any kind of attire, formal or casual.

  1. Multi-Colored Bowls, Vases, and Pots

You can never go wrong when it comes to homeware. First and foremost, every home needs them for different purposes making them the most demanded items in any home setting. You have the option of buying them plain from potters and accessorizing them yourself to add value or fully accessorized and acting as the middleman. With a little tutoring on pottery, you’ll have the skills needed to make them on your own. This could be done in the garage, in the backyard, or a dedicated workspace around your home. After your unique designs are ready, decorate them using either colors or materials like bedazzle to make them look classy.

  1. Wall Arts and Shelves

When brightly colored walls and some amazing wall arts are combined, you get a warm and welcoming home. Wall art can be made from common items such as discarded cardboard, straws, or paper. On the other hand, discarded or leftover wood can be used to make impressive shelves that can accessorize any room. Placing well-crafted vases and shelf lights will help any homeowner achieve that perfect and artistic home. By involving yourself in this trade, you’ll be a sought-out entrepreneur by a list of interior designers.

  1. Tetris Colored Magnet Pieces

These will help to take kids’ games to another level. Small magnet pieces of different shapes are readily available. To add your touch, paint them in different matching colors to look like the Tetris game. This can be used in school science projects to teach kids about magnetism!

  1. Multi-Colored Phone Casings

Phones have become commonplace and they come in all shapes and sizes. They, however, need casings to not only protect them against impacts but also as an accessory. Today, you have custom made phone casings that are neat, classy, and unique. You can try various online tutorials to learn the art involved in their production.

Now, in case you need to learn how to make something new, just hop online and get researching. However, make sure that whatever materials you use to accessorize is safe and eco-friendly. Let’s get crafty people!