Top Career Pathways For Psychology Majors

Many people we see have this spirit of listening to others and helping or, to be precise, are blessed with empathy. Some people help others intellectually, such as teachers; some help them on emotional levels while others choose to improve spiritually. We all have an idea of what career path we are going to choose and what field of education we need to study for that. The preferences vary from person to person. Every youngster has a dream profession that they want to choose or experience.

When we talk about the body, we cannot keep aside the mind. Our brain has a significant role in our survival and well-being. Understanding the body is not easy, but understanding the brain or mind is even more complicated. How our thoughts influence our behavior, how it changes its pattern, and how an increase or decrease in some chemical levels can cause mental disorders. Mind and body are vast areas of study with multiple career opportunities for people studying these fields.

Many people opt for psychology because they find it exciting or are curious about the human mind and behaviors. Psychology has been functional for many centuries. Many scientists have been helping us to understand through their experiments or theories. Some youngsters feel that they can make a difference in society by helping people to overcome their mental and emotional trauma. Such individuals often opt for psychology bachelor’s degree online from one of their favorite university. Having a degree in psychology equips a person with marketable skills that can lead them to a good career start. If you already have a degree in psychology, then your career path will largely depend on your skills and interest you have in the field.

Here are a few suggestions that can help you pick out a career in psychology


Before we can know what is wrong with our minds, we need someone to assess and diagnose. Psychometrists or clinicians are experts in conducting assessments tests to rule out the root of disorder or identify the cause. Pyschometirsts possess graduation in clinical psychology and the skill to perform standard assessment procedures and to score them accurately. They can work in a clinical setup to perfume tests on patients or in an organizational structure to apply criteria on employees or applicants. As a fresh graduate and entry-level employee, you can expect your base salary to range between 10,000 to 20,000 dollars. The more you excel and gain experience, your career will flourish more.


Drug addiction and substance abuse are very prevalent, and we see many victims struggling to come out of it. In the United States, the career as a substance abuse counselor is growing fast. Drug addicts require help to get out of the influence of a drug or crave for more. To be a substance abuse counselor, besides having a degree, you will need a strong personality to deal with patients undergoing recovery or suffering from withdrawal symptoms. Many states require licensure or a certificate to pursue a career as a substance abuse counselor.


Students suffer great ordeal emotionally and academically. As an educational psychologist, you can help them overcome their self-esteem and learning difficulties. You will be dealing with children of 3 years of age to adolescents up to the age of 25. These individuals suffer socially and emotionally as they are always under the pressure of grades and competing with their peers. From assessing their emotional health to suggesting them solutions and strategies for coping up, an educational psychologist contributes a lot. They counsel children with learning difficulties, communicate with teachers and parents to get the child towards betterment.


Another flourishing career in the field of psychology is to work as a criminal profiler or forensic psychologist. Forensic psychologists deal with police investigations and criminal justice systems. They help the investigations from a psychological point of view and assist in identifying the motive behind a crime. They can also be an expert witness to let the court know why the crime happened and suggests treatment for a prisoner.


You might not have assumed it, but psychology does not bind you to only one perspective of career. You can work in every field that has a vacancy for a psychologist, provided your skills are relevant to it. Social workers have a vital role in the betterment of society. They help children and families deal with issues such as domestic violence, abuse, and toxic environments. If you opt for a career in social work as a psychologist, you can counsel many families and teenagers to come out of their traumas or assess them regularly to see the improvement. Usually, families or individuals can open to a third person easily who can assure the confidentiality of the matter.


We all are stuck with the struggles that affect us emotionally and mentally. Some of us are lucky to have helpful people present in our surroundings, and we can easily share what is bothering us. Every individual has different suffering and thinking patterns. Psychologists have been haloing society in every way possible. From helping a child at school to helping a prisoner to be a better part of the community, you will find them working in every field.