Katy ISD Board Approves Two Percent Pay Increase for Employees 

During a time when uncertainties arising from a public health crisis has led to a sea of unknowns for communities across the nation, this past spring Katy ISD teachers and staff forged ahead, connecting with over 84,000 students through innovative instruction and support.

Although challenging times are still anticipated in the near future, the Katy ISD Board and superintendent made it a budget priority this school year to ensure teachers and staff would be recognized for their ongoing commitment to the District’s students and community.  At their June Board meeting, Trustees approved a 1% midpoint raise for all Katy ISD employees, followed by a 1% midpoint lump sum pay increase this coming December.

“It’s because of our employees’ drive and passion to be there for our kids and establish relationships with families, regardless of circumstances, that Katy ISD students consistently outperform students from across the state,” said Dr. Ken Gregorski, Superintendent of Schools. “They ensure that our students have access to resources, opportunities and experiences that have positioned Katy ISD as a destination school district.”

Katy ISD teachers will receive a $660 raise, along with another $660 lump sum payment in December, for a total increase of $1,320. While, non-teachers will receive one percent of the mid-point of their pay ranges. Katy ISD staff will receive the one percent raise beginning with their first check of the 2020-21 school year.

Katy ISD’s pay ranges include a hierarchy of job levels with pay guidelines for minimum, midpoint and maximum rates of pay.  Pay guidelines are based on an assessment of the market values for each employee job classification.  In an effort to ensure equity for each pay grade, pay range maximums exist as a control point for salaries.  However, all Katy ISD pay ranges are designed for adjustment to keep pace with the changing economy.  As such, reviews of pay ranges take place annually within Katy ISD.

Katy ISD compensation plans can be found on the Human Resources web page under, Quick Links here.

Katy ISD is grateful to its teachers and staff for their dedication, tireless efforts, and for continuously putting Katy ISD students first, every day.