How Social Media Impacts Job Search in 2020  

This year challenged many business owners and workers. So, in this article, we will explain how social media influences job search in 2020.

HR managers do not hide the fact that in their professional activities they regularly use social networks to search for potential employees, to check the specified data in the resume for compliance, and to periodically monitor their employees.

On topic forums, groups, and professional networks like LinkedIn, people post their resumes, career information, and other personal facts that can help a potential employer choose a candidate. Moreover, on such sites and pages HR’s look for candidates for a vacancy most often. All you have to do to draw attention to your professional page is to have your resume done. Facebook, Google+, Twitter, Instagram help to create a preliminary psychological portrait of a person, because in these social networks people spend most of their time.

Social networks – an auxiliary tool not only for employers but also for job seekers

It is important to adhere to the corporate culture in social networks for company executives, recruiters, and ordinary employees. After all, an interested applicant and potential professional will seek information not only about the company, but also about its representatives, and not necessarily only public ones.

The culture of communication on the network works this way: all that is said as a personal opinion is easily interpreted by interested parties as to the opinion of an organization, the representative of which can be an interlocutor.

The impact of social networks on your career is like a roulette: you never know when your online reputation can affect your offline reputation.


In 2020, social networks will be the tool that will help HR managers understand which candidate is right for them. And for future workers, this is an opportunity to learn about more vacancies that are not posted on the relevant sites in order to hire “one of their own” through the personal