Beat the Lockdown by Watching Hindi Movies Online with free VPN for Linux  

COVID-19 is now troubling the entire world, and one of the major industries which had been hit the worst is the film industries. The movie enthusiasts now do not have to option to go to the movie theatres as most of them are closed. So, the alternate option which is mostly gaining in popularity lately is the online platforms for watching movies.

The entire entertainment industry is changing to online lately. For Hindi or Bollywood movie fans, it is not difficult to explore online avenues for watching their favorite movie titles and TV series. Although there are many media streaming apps, Kodi is one of the top choices of many.

Compared to Amazon Prime, Netflix, or Hotstar, which are paid options, Kodi is not only free but also offers access to different media content online. While using Kodi, one should also consider installing a good VPN, which will not only allow getting access to restricted content but also offer more safety and confidentiality while being online.

Kodi add-ons for Hindi movies

As we had seen above, Kodi is now one of the top options for watching online media. You can quickly get access to the top Bollywood titles and various video content like TV series, sporting actions, and more. To watch Hindi movies online and get access to other content through Kodi, you should use some good add-ons, which are there at official Kodi repositories or through third-party repositories. Some top options are as below.


You can use this add-on to watch Bollywood movies and other Indian language movies. This is not an official add-on of Kodi, but a third-party. Offering a wide range of movie titles for free, you need to use a secured VPN to access Einthusan.

Eros Now

It is exciting to see that almost all major Bollywood titles are listed on this channel so the users can choose at one click. It doesn’t come for free, but even on paying the minimal subscription, it is entirely worth to get cost-effective content compared to the cable TV channels or other premium services.

Top Linux VPNs comes for free

Linux itself is mainly secured, but still, the users cannot be fully protected. It is ideal and advisable to use a good VPN while accessing the internet, especially on using streaming applications like Kodi. Let’s explore a few options in Linux VPNs.


Windiscribe offers free, as well as a premium version. The free version itself offers 10 GB bandwidth per month. This may not be so fast, but ideal for Linux Kernel, and it also provides military-grade AES 256-bit encryption.


Considered as a top-notch VPN option, ProtonVPN offers top security and speed. An expert support group supports the platform.


This is another free VPN for Linux with a kill switch and ad-don security features.

Live NetTV for Hindi movies

LiveNet TV is another useful add-on to watch Hindi movies online, which offers many titles and a lot of advanced features. Users can cast the content from their smartphones to a smart TV screen or other devices.