Surprise Car Donation to Help Houston Police Officer Continue Recovery from Fiery Car Crash

(HOUSTON, TX) – Houston Police Officer John Daily who was severely burned in a fiery crash last Christmas Eve was surprised with a car donation today to help provide him with reliable transportation as he continues to recover from his injuries.

The car donation from Caliber Collision and GEICO is part of a national program to repair and donate vehicles to individuals in need. The vehicle, a 2017 Kia Soul was provided by GEICO and restored by technicians at Caliber Collision-Spring who volunteered personal time to refurbish the vehicle for Officer Daily.

Officer Daily suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns to over 50% of his body when the police SUV he and his partner Officer Alonzo Reid were driving was struck by a drunk driver. The vehicle then flipped several times before bursting into flames. Daily spent six months in the hospital fighting for his life and recovering from his injuries.

Daily still faces a long road of rehab and therapy which was recently made even more challenging when his truck and only means of transportation was totaled in a car accident while driven by a family member. Without a vehicle, Daily has to rely on family and friends for rides to his frequent medical appointments.

Daily was nominated for the car donation from Caliber Collision and GEICO by the Peace Officers Angel Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to supporting critically injured police officers throughout Texas.

Officer Alonzo Reid, who pulled his partner out of the burning cruiser and also suffered burns himself, was also recognized and honored for his heroic efforts.

Over the past seven years, Caliber Collision and its industry partners have donated nearly 350 vehicles valued at over $4.5 million to military service members, veterans, first responders and others in need of reliable transportation.