Trendy nose pin designs to enhance your overall look

Nose pin has turned out to be more in trend than being a conventional look for Indian brides. Today, girls are stepping forward to get their nose pierced and this has nothing to do with the wedding. Thanks to such a wide range of nose pin designs that women are moving forward and adopting the conventional customs in a trendy way. So, if you too love wearing nose pins, then you are going to love this piece of the write-up as we are now going to give you a sneak peek on some of the trendiest nose pins available in the market.

Single Stone nose pin:

The first in the list has to be the single stone nose pin for being one of the most worn designs and the oldest one as well. But, there is a difference now. One can now choose amongst a lot of option of stones that are engraved in the nose pin. Diamond usually was the one that was available, but today, there are gemstones which have enhanced the overall look of the gemstone, and you can shop depending on your budget as there is semi-precious stone nose pin available as well. You can compare for diamond nose pin price with other nose pin price online too.

Brahmani Stone nose ring:

You must have loved the way Marathi women wear such long and a big nose ring. Well, this is not something that you need to include in the trend as it is patent to Marathi women, but you can definitely wear it on different occasions. You can get this nose rings in different stones and real pearls.


This is one of the designs that need courage to carry as not everyone can carry this, but once you know how to carry this design, you will completely rock your look. Septums are mainly available in silver or German silver and you get this easily online. If you want to give it a pinch of personalization, you can get this custom made from any jewellery shop.


Not to forget that materials make up an important factor for nose pins and there are a few options that you can choose from. Gold is indeed a common one, but today, there are a few more additions, and the most famous is the German silver. German silver has taken over the market and women are going crazy after it for the fact it doesn’t make a hole in your pocket and still looks charming and lasts longer. Apart from this, you can opt for silver which is common too; you can go for diamond or some other gemstones which are completely in trend these.

To get the best of the nose pins that are in trend these days, it is better that you buy nose pin online. Online stores have a huge collection and all the trends ones. Try to make a purchase from some renowned website to buy the authentic ones.