How to Pass the ITIL® V4 Foundation Exam?

The Information Technology Infrastructure Library, which is being abbreviated as ITIL, is a combination of best practices intended to flourish an IT business. This idea was developed by the UK Government to regulate all the IT services that exist within a business. So, such services involve selection, feasible planning, profitable service delivery, and maintenance.

The main objective of ITIL is to standardize an IT business. So, this is when an ITIL® Exam comes into action. This exam provides an excellent opportunity to every IT administrator in the future to become a business service partner themselves other than being a back-end supporter.

Therefore, if you are an IT enthusiast then go through this detailed informative article and prep to pass this exam in your first attempt only. Well, there are various categories of ITIL exam available like practitioner, the intermediate exam, then expert and the master, etc. Depending upon your expertise, you will be provided with a certificate by ITIL. After this, a person will simply grow further in this field by presenting your best capabilities.

Few Things to Know About the ITIL Exam:

  • This exam consists of multiple-choice questions and the passing score is 65%.
  • There are 40 questions that you have to complete within a time frame of 1 hour.
  • And once a candidate correctly attempts 26 questions (65%), it means that you have successfully passed this examination.
  • You can give the exam online or else go for a paper-based exam from a recognized training association of Axelos.
  • So, get ready to work hard sincerely to become IT personnel in no time.

Preparation for ITIL Exam

Many people feel stressed when it comes to making a plan for initiating the preparation for this examination. Well, no need to be confused and unmotivated as due to the low required exam score there are definitely higher possibilities of you qualifying this exam.

Choosing Your Service Provider Wisely

Keep you main focus on the ITIL 4 Foundation and in order to do this, it is imperative to take up an ITIL course. You can choose between the option of self-study or joining an organization in this regard. It depends totally on your decision, but to be honest, by joining an accredited center for this course you will be benefited a lot. This is due to the reason that an ITIL training provider will let you understand the tips and tricks to easily qualify this examination.

In addition to this, you will get a step by step guide to boost your preparation for the exam. In order to master everything related to an ITIL life cycle, one can consider joining such organizations for the betterment. After this, you have to take a decision of either going for online courses or a classroom study. To your surprise, there are a number of options available for both these modes. If you choose for the online mode you can avail many monthly or annual subscription offers too.

Advantages of Qualifying the ITIL Exam

  • Those who have successfully passed this examination will be awarded Foundation certificate.
  • Better opportunities to reach the expert and also the master level within a short period of time.
  • You may increase your chances of building a career in IT service management easily.
  • All this comes with perks of high pay and ultimately the job promotion.

Chief Descriptions of the 5 Phases of ITIL Life Cycle

It is imperative for every candidate appearing for this exam to be aware of this ITIL life cycle framework. Have a look below!

First Phase: Service Strategy

This phase lays emphasis on building a strategy to examine the services along with the allocation of funds for them. It involves the evaluation of priorities, current trends in market, funds generated as well as the risks associated to meet a customer’s requirement appropriately.

Second Phase: Service Design

The design of your service should be in such a manner that it dynamically showcase resource utilization. It has to be flexible within the given constraints like resources, time, and more. In order to achieve the desired business aim, the term design coordination comes into action.

Third Phase: Service Transition

The service transition phase is a combination of effective planning and support. The phase is associated with various asset and configuration management. All this is done through service validation and testing. The process of validation helps to recheck the strategy and important requirements of the service. Also, with the help of testing one can easily catch any defects in the service.

Fourth Phase: Service Operation

In this phase, the business users or your customers will evaluate the service. Here, access management is important to ensure that only authorized people can access this service. Event management is occurred during this phase to analyze the problem if any and immediately find effective solutions. Technical management happens to deal with all types of technical issues in the service.

Fifth Phase: Continual Service Improvement

The placement of best practices altogether reflects how effective, faster, efficient your service is. In order to analyse any further scope for improvement, service review is done. Process evaluation is performed to hit the target effectively.

Important Information:

  • Well, endless offers will knock on your door once you pass this ITIL Exam.
  • This is because you are now considered as an ITIL 4 Foundation credential holder.
  • Hence, this exam is a stepping stone towards your brighter future in It management.
  • As we know that this exam is originated in the UK, but it is not restricted to any country or industry.
  • You can apply for any country or in any sector to enhance your expertise level in this field of IT management. All you need is the best practices to boost any service while going through the Life Cycle of a service.
  • After getting an insight regarding the best practices of ITIL, one will get familiar with a terminology existing across countries and industries.
  • You can contribute your valuable skills for the proliferating the field of It management services.
  • A number of jobs options available for you include IT Project Support, Release Manager, IT Configuration Manager, IT Change Manager, and IT Project Manager.

A Piece of Advice

Your sincere efforts made towards passing this ITIL examination will decide your future. There are many examples of people around the world who have made a bright carrier on this field just by qualifying examination. Become an excellent IT personnel and move towards higher levels by displaying your competency in any corner of the world.

It’s time to become determined, manage your time, work hard, and pass with flying colors. And nothing will stop you!

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