Alcoholics are Different from Us! Here is Why?

We live in a society where alcohol has become a symbol of joy and sorrow. If we are happy, we drink alcohol to celebrate. If we are sad, we grab alcohol to release stress.

Alcohol has seeped into our lives to the extent that we don’t consider alcoholics as different people. We consider them as same people like us with a bit different habit – drinking habit.

But alcoholics are different from us!

If we observe life patterns of alcoholics, then we realize they are not like us. They are different people – maybe, a bit far from normal.

Here are a few reasons which show why alcoholics are different people?

Increased Dependency:

Alcoholics start with one or two glasses, but without realizing they end up depending on alcohol to release stress or celebrate joy.

  • Initially, they feel something missing in their life.
  • Then they feel incomplete and lost without alcohol.
  • Ultimately, it becomes their lifeline.

We all need someone to rely on when we are facing issues in life or feeling down without any reason. But the dependency level of alcoholics is different!

We can resolve our issues alone; they can’t.

We have a self-reliant mechanism; they have lost it.

We can find alternatives to lift our mood; they can’t find any other way.


Because we can live independently; they cannot!

There are many drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers which offer detoxification services. In such severe conditions, where alcohol dependency starts affecting the normal life, it is better to undergo detoxification to come back to normal life.

Mood Swings:

Though mood swings are natural phenomena and anyone can feel it anytime and anywhere.

You might be feeling happy, but suddenly you feel like weeping – right? It can happen to anyone – we all are humans. But alcoholics face this issue more.

Alcoholics face a temporary surge of happiness and relaxation, but in the long run, alcohol affects the nervous system that changes mood patterns. It slows down the neurotransmitters that are responsible for the communication between the brain and nerves in other parts of the body.

Alcoholic loses control of behavior: they get angry, feel anxiety, sad, and depressed – over nothing.

Such unpredictable mood swings affect their overall life and social position.

Alcoholic Blackouts:

You might have experienced your friend behaving weirdly at a bar after drinking. And when next day you talk about their last night behavior, they deny to accept it.

It is due to an alcoholic blackout!

We can’t forget our childhood memories, while alcoholics can’t even remember their last night activities. It is because alcohol affects their brain and their memory starts to lapse.

This situation develops a lack of confidence in them. They start questioning their actions, memory, and decisions.

And this is not normal!


There is only one conclusion: alcoholics are different!

And before this difference starts affecting life negatively, it is better to fix this habit.

  • Keep a check on your drinking quantity.
  • Don’t start depending on alcohol for anything.
  • Try to leave drinking before the situation gets worse.