6 Reasons Our Bodies Need Supplements

Medical science is progressing faster than ever as scientists are able to perform sophisticated studies and clinical trials with all the materials on our planet. It turns out that some of the ancient folk remedies traditionally used in Vedic and Chinese medicine for millennia are still just as valid today. Oil pulling is one example of oral health that has ancient roots but continues to remain popular and scientifically beneficial today.

Below, we can discuss the 6 reasons why our bodies need supplements in greater detail.

#1: For Strengthening Our Bodies to Reach Old Age

Fine-tuning our bodies with access to a medicine cabinet full of supplements may not have been important in ancient times. If the average life expectancy was only 30-years in ancient Rome, there would be little need to ward off the effects of cancer and arthritis. You would have a short and sweet life whose length was determined on more general practices like sanitation and labor. When you consider that more and more people are achieving Centurian status and living more than 3-times longer than they did hundreds of years ago, it makes sense to use our superior knowledge to extend the quality of that life.

#2: Because We Eat So Many Processed and Preserved Foods

Because people are eating less fresh foods that come right from the farm, they may not be getting all those nutrients. Even a transparent bottle can cause the vitamin content of milk and juices to deteriorate. Processing of foods often cooks out or reduces the vitamin content altogether. This is why junk food is considered to be nothing but empty calories. Although manufacturers may try to fortify foods with vitamins to make up for the losses, it is unclear whether we can absorb these properly when fortified in things like almond milk. The processing in almond milk is also a good example of how the protein can be processed almost entirely out of a food product.

#3: Because We Exercise at Higher Intensity Levels Than Ever

When you consider how heavily people are exercising in the United States, you have to wonder what changes this is having upon their bodies. Studies show that excessive running and biking can take a toll on our joints. Our joints become susceptible to injury and arthritis because we are not able to keep up with the natural lubricants that we are burning up during intense workouts. If supplements like Chondroitin and Glucosamine are helpful for elderly people who are experiencing the late phases of arthritis, how much more beneficial can they be for younger athletes who are still super healthy?

#4: In Order to Strengthen Our Immune Systems

When you consider how bacteria and viruses were largely responsible for wiping out the Native American Indian populations and even so much of Europe during the Black Plaque, it pays to be a Silverspoon. If you take supplements to strengthen your immune system naturally, you can also save yourself from antibiotic resistance and infections like candida as described in detail at this link: https://microbeformulas.com/blogs/microbe-formulas/8-signs-you-have-a-candida-infection. People who get regular infections and who are over prescribed antibiotics are suffering from the dark side of modern scientific wonder drugs.

#5: As a Means of Preventing Recently Discovered Diseases and Disorders

With the burden of wisdom regarding why we are becoming ill and how to fight off certain diseases naturally, there comes the need to combat these afflictions. Although people may have been using Milk Thistle for years before studies to treat inflammation of the liver, we are now scientifically aware that Milk Thistle can help people with inflammatory diseases and toxicity of the liver. Having the knowledge of what works only leads to the natural result of using what works.

#6: Because Dietary Supplements are Safe and Effective

Herbal supplements like Cnidium are an ideal substitute for prescription drugs like Viagra. Cnidium has been used since ancient times by Chinese cultures for alleviating impotence. When you consider that Viagra can have the unintended consequence of priapism that makes it impossible for the blood to drain out of an erection and severe cellular damage, Cnidium is the perfect example of a safe and effective alternative. There are many such similarities in the supplement market which make the materials far more desirable than pills.

There are a number of herbal ingredients and supplements on the market which are now proven to increase our lifespan and healthiness. Because most of these substances are non-toxic and side-effect free, there is little reason to pass up on the advantages that many have to offer. The supplement market has many key ingredients that can improve the quality of your life. Simply try out the recommended supplements for your problems and see if they help. There is very rarely any risk involved.