Aristoi Classical Academy proudly announces the 2nd Annual Goblet of Apollo – Tea & Poetry Competition

Aristoi Classical Academy proudly announces the 2nd Annual Goblet of Apollo – Tea & Poetry
Competition on February 15th, 2019 from 9-11 AM. The poetry and performance contest is between
the 5th and 6th-grade classes at Aristoi’s Upper School Campus on Morton Road. Each class recites
poetry of this year’s theme of love, complete with gestures, appropriate intonations, and movement.
The winning class is decided by a panel of judges chosen from the Greater Katy community.

“The Goblet of Apollo, named after the Greek god of poetry, is a serious competition. Our scholars
have been memorizing lines, creating choreography, and practicing oratory skills, all of which creates
an expressive delivery of poetry. Aristoi, as a classical school, emphasizes the history and significance
of poetry and its meaning. This is the perfect event which brings that all together for the students,” says
Brittany Revia, co-organizer and sixth grade English and History teacher at Aristoi.

The scholars, dressed in appropriate tea attire, enjoy a morning of tea and treats as well. “The Aristoi
community really comes together to make this a special occasion. There are hats and gloves, some
students dress to the nines. Plus there are simple and lovely flower decorations, teacups, real brewed
and steeped tea, linens, and tea snacks for our scholars. It’s a charming, educational and enlightening
experience,” includes Lorissa Jackson, sixth-grade teacher, “The Goblet of Apollo is really a
spectacular occasion!”

New this year, Aristoi is inviting its 5th and 6th-grade parents to enjoy the morning and celebrate with
the scholars. Superintendent/Headmaster, Brenda Davidson, has extended that invitation to the Katy
community as well. “We’re a classical school, which believes in truth, goodness, and beauty.
Showcasing our students and poetry is another way to exemplify these characteristics.”
The event is open only to adults of the community and requires registration at the front office.
About Aristoi Classical Academy
Aristoi Classical Academy is a free, public charter school offering classical education to students in
grades K-12. Aristoi currently has two campuses in historic Katy with a total enrollment of more than
900 students. Aristoi’s mission is to provide students with a free, academically challenging Classical
Liberal Arts education that encourages them to develop a passion for learning and that gives them the
means to become responsible citizens of virtuous character.

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