National Charity League, Inc. the Lady Bird Chapter, Recognizes its Senior Class for Achievement in 2019

National Charity League, Inc., Lady Bird Chapter, will be proudly honoring 23 members of the Class of 2019 during Senior Presentation on Sunday, January 20, 2019 at the Sugar Land Marriott Town Square.

Back Row (L-R) Adley Marsh, Maggie Letson, Siya Patil, Alexis O’Leary, Mikaela Fleener, Isabella Machado, Savannah
Holcomb, Hailee Hauck, Delaney Waid, Sammie Clewett, Sarah Jeffries, Eve Morris, Katelyn Meszaros
Middle Row (L-R) Lexi Wilson, Kirsten Kahanek, Ashley Zuniga, Claire De Albuquerque, Caitlin Furley, Sarah Stout, Maria Santana, Abby Cawthon
Front Row (L-R) Jordan James, Ana Ouellette

The Lady Bird Chapter will recognize these 23 wonderful young ladies for their accomplishments achieved over the last six years in NCL, Inc. These young ladies, along with their mothers, have volunteered more than 7300 hours in philanthropic service to their community over the past six years. They have served in a variety of leadership positions, along with planning events, and attending various cultural events. Additionally, they have made lasting relationships and memories within their community, organization, and mostly with their mothers. The Lady Bird Chapter’s total philanthropy hours this year have surpassed 7100 hours in community service. National Charity League, Inc (NCL, Inc.) is a national nonprofit mother-daughter service organization.
This chapter currently has 280 members and provides hands-on volunteer service for women and their daughters in grades 7-12. The Lady Bird Chapter was formed in 2010 and is comprised of mothers and daughters in the Katy area. It is committed to developing strong women leaders through serving and impacting communities today and for generations to come. The Lady Bird Chapter works with various philanthropies, including American Cancer Society, Ballard House, Meals on Wheels, and Habitat for Humanity, just to name a few.
Through this community service, NCL, Inc., develops socially responsible community leaders and strengthens the mother-daughter relationship. To date, there are 258 chapters nationwide with more than 70,000 members. For more information about the NCL, Inc., Lady Bird Chapter, please visit /