6 Awesome Ways to Customize your Tote Bag

Whether they’re given away as promotional items, or just kept around to house as reusable grocery bags totes always prove useful. Here are fifteen ways create your own custom tote bags.

  1. Get them monogrammed

Order customizable bags for your office with initials monogrammed on the side. Monogrammed bags are a great option for gifts or giveaways, especially around the holidays.

  1. Stamp it up!

Dip a stamp of your choice in fabric paint and apply to the tote bag. Try a variety of shapes and colors to make patterns.

  1. Iron on decals

Use inkjet printer iron on decals to adhere photos of family or pets, or even a design from online. Ironing on photos of grandchildren makes a great gift for grandparents.

  1. Dip-dye

Choose custom tote bags in a natural material and dip the bottom of the bag in fabric dye for a chic dip-dyed look. Try folding the bag and wrapping with rubber bands for a Shibori-inspired look.

  1. Stitch it

Use embroidery thread to stitch in simple shapes and letters or, for more of a challenge, try out a floral design.

  1.  Sew on patches

Sew on patches are widely available online and in craft stores in a multitude of designs.