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Mr. Lawrence Guess is in demand as a substitute teacher at Creech Elementary.
Mr. Lawrence Guess is in demand as a substitute teacher at Creech Elementary.

For more than a decade, one teacher has been a constant on campus at Katy ISD’s Creech Elementary – Mr. Lawrence Guess. Like many of Katy ISD’s substitute teachers, Mr. Guess is enjoying a second career in teaching. After 15 years in the grocery business and 22 years as an accountant with Texaco, Mr. Guess retired from the business world. With some gentle nudging from his wife after a few years at home, he began substitute teaching in Katy ISD in 2002. He has been present on the Creech campus in some capacity or another ever since then, year in year out.
Mr. Guess has served as a Special Ed Para-professional, Special Ed Resource Teacher, but his “sweet spot” is in short and long-term subbing assignments. Although he subs all over the district, Mr. Guess is the first choice for Creech educators when they have planned absences. He has subbed for all grades, and most students and their parents will tell you they assumed he was full-time staff. When asked how he shifts gears to acclimate from one grade and/or class to another he says, “I learned quickly to ask questions and rely on the team I am working with for information and the correct way to teach the assignments. The teams I have worked with have been so willing to give me the tools I have needed to make sure all is just the way the regular teacher left the classroom. Katy ISD has the most professional and helpful teachers anywhere!”
Creech Principal Elena Thrun advised that Mr. Guess has the most positive and professional demeanor, regardless of the assignment. Mr. Guess seems to think that the environment is the critical ingredient in a mutually satisfying substitute assignment, but we know it’s also the teacher’s style.
We asked Mr. Guess how many more years he plans to make himself available to Katy ISD, and he said, “I really like what I do. I get to work with wonderful teachers. The long term assignments give me the opportunity to get to know some terrific children. Some children do not have a Dad in their life, so at least for part of the day, they do have a man to look up to. When they see me away from school, they will come up and say, “Hello, Mr. Guess!” That is a great feeling. I reckon I’ll continue to be a sub for as long as I am needed and can make a difference in people’s lives.”
We suggest you get your requests in early, if you want access to Lawrence Guess – he’s in demand!