New Release for Parenting Connections Workshop:

Parent Education

The Texas AgriLife Extension Service through local Extension offices, community partners, and websites offers research based parent education programs that empower family relationships with the challenging role of parenting.

Benefits of Participation

Active parenting plays an essential role in a child’s development and later life success. Research indicates that parents who are warm, responsive to their children’s needs, respectful, consistent, highly involved in all aspects of their children’s development, model appropriate behavior, and who provide firm, yet not overly harsh discipline, increase their children’s potential for success in life and reduce the risks for delinquent behavior during the adolescent and teen years.
Positive parenting practices in times of stress (such as financial hardship, divorce, or family illness) can often act as a buffer against such challenges and help build children’s coping and adjustment skills. In contrast, ineffective or dysfunctional parenting practices can lead to poor outcomes for children, including behavioral problems and diagnosed mental health conditions.

Parenting Connections Workshop

The Parenting Connections program will be offered at the Fort Bend County Extension Office, located at 1402 Band Rd, Ste. 100, Rosenberg, TX 77471, on Wednesday, January 30, 2019 from 10:00am- 2:00pm. The Parenting Connections workshop will be taught by Leticia Hardy, County Extension Agent for the Family and Community Health department at Texas AgriLife Extension Service. All enrolled participants will gain 4 parenting clock hours at the conclusion of the program. Participants should bring a sack lunch, as lunch will not be provided. The program will focus on the following topics, Child Growth and Development, Parent-Child Communication, Positive Discipline, and Developing Your Child’s Self-Esteem.  The registration fee for the Parenting Connection workshop is $20.00 per person. We ask that you please register by Monday, January, 28, 2019. Registration forms can be found on our website at: You may also come by our office to register. Please call Victoria at 281-342-3034 if you have any questions.