Digital Population Health Advocate Wins Giving Back Award

“Volunteering with Rudy Rasmus, Simeon Queen, and Temenos to take action to serve people living on the streets has changed my life. My two boys and husband will never be the same,” said Susie Hughes, Cisco’s Enterprise Account Manager. Susie leads a team of 50 technical wizards working with Houston Methodist Hospital System. Activating Cisco’s People Deal where Cisco pays employees for 40 hours to volunteer in local communities, Susie Hughes encouraged 50 colleagues who serve Harris Health, UT Health, Texas Children’s Hospital and other TMC institutions to volunteer on Super Bowl Sunday to serve Texas Bar-B-Que to 600 homeless people with Temenos.

The experience was life changing. Susie and Cisco are making strategic investments to partner with Houston Methodist Hospital System on their digital population health initiative. She is a 10-year veteran of Cisco’s healthcare practice and leads the South in her commitment to exploring the digital fingerprint of population health. Her team connects the unconnected and provides security, infrastructure, and collaboration tools to Houston Methodist. To start this journey, Susie met Rudy Rasmus and toured Temenos supportive housing for the homeless. Sparked by passion to make a difference, she and her team invested more than 400 hours to innovate and for the first time offer digital population health services to the most vulnerable people without a home.

Susie and her team continue to make progress so homeless people find alternatives to seeking a medical home beyond the emergency department. On a Saturday, you might find Susie volunteering with Temenos to offer conversation, clothes, and breakfast for people who are in need of someone to care. Susie is a compassionate soul that is committed to being there for people.

Kristi Chisum, Susie’s Global Enterprise Regional Manager, nominated Susie for Giving Back Award. Susie was selected from a team of 1,500 Cisco Global Enterprise Segment employees. She is donating the award to Temenos to offer supportive housing services to the homeless. The Jackie Lyles Group, based in Houston, Texas, are innovation consultants that reveal the client’s brilliance and value through our evidenced based research model, the Flow Value Model™. Please go to for more information.