Paul Bettencourt

Sen. Bettencourt lauds Office of Attorney General Writ to SCOT on Harris Co provisional ballots

Harris County’s November 9th district hearing excluded the AG’s office & Harris County Republican Party Senator Paul Bettencourt (R- Houston) supports the Writ of Mandamus filed by the Attorney General’s Office in the Texas Supreme Court against “The ongoing disregard of the State’s election laws…” Specifically, the writ asks if Harris County is violating their nondiscretionary duties under the Election Code by including votes in the canvas that were not lawfully cast. “The law is clear, the […]

Senate Bill 1111 is Common Sense Election Law

In response to the ruling against Senate Bill 1111, Senator Paul Bettencourt the primary author of SB 1111 issued the following statement: ” Senate Bill 1111 is common sense election law, and I am genuinely disappointed in the ruling; I believe the Attorney General will appeal this decision to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals. SB 1111 is a common-sense law from years of testimony and floor debate in the Texas Senate. In Harris County, […]