Fort Bend Chamber Receives Top Award in Texas  for Print & Digital Media

Galveston, TX — Local Chambers from across the state of Texas convened Tuesday night, June 25, 2024 for the TCCE (Texas Chamber of Commerce Executives) Annual Excellence Awards.  Texas Chambers of Commerce are recognized each year for outstanding marketing and communications work through the TCCE Communication Award Program.  Submissions are reviewed by an expert panel of judges who select a limited number of entries to be named as award winners.

The awards honor organizations for exceptional efforts in four categories: Social Media and Video, Website, Event Marketing and Print & Electronic Publications.  The Fort Bend Chamber won first place among the largest chamber category for their Business Start Up Guide.  “This is an extremely competitive process,” said Esme Villarreal, TCCE Vice-Chairman of Communications and 2024 Media Awards Chair.  “This year we had a record number of entries from around the state.  Rest assured the winners tonight faced stiff competition from fellow chambers of commerce.  Their victory truly indicates the Fort Bend Chamber is the best in 2024 in the Print & Digital Media category.”

The Fort Bend Chamber developed a Business Start-Up Guide to cater to the burgeoning entrepreneurial landscape, beginning with comprehensive support for new business owners embarking on their ventures. Recognizing the influx of aspiring entrepreneurs and visionaries in the vibrant community seeking to establish thriving enterprises, they identified a crucial need for guidance. Leveraging the extensive network and resources within the cities, local Economic Development Corporations (EDCs), and county, the guide has been curated to facilitate direct access to pertinent contacts and furnish a roadmap for initiating their entrepreneurial journey.

The digital edition of the guide is available to download from the Fort Bend Chamber website. They have distributed hundreds of printed copies to newly minted business owners.  A significant portion of these entrepreneurs are now flourishing with their respective ventures, having expedited the establishment of their businesses using the guidance provided within this resource. Indeed, this guide has proven instrumental in navigating bureaucratic hurdles and propelling these individuals forward.  “The start-up guide has accurate, useful, practical, custom advice on how a start-up can successfully launch. Time is money and this guide will save a lot of time. Great job, Fort Bend Chamber,” said Drew Scheberle, Executive Director, and Senior Advisor for the Texas Chamber of Commerce Executives.

This guide stands as a testament to the commitment to fostering success not only within Fort Bend County.  At the heart of a flourishing economy lies growth and evolution, where fostering an environment conducive to innovation and enterprise is paramount. By providing aspiring entrepreneurs with the necessary guidance and support through this comprehensive resource, we take immense pride in nurturing the growth of new ideas and businesses.

“One of the primary responsibilities for a chamber is to promote the organization, community and that chamber’s members,” said Tony Moline, TCCE Chair and President of the Cedar Park Chamber of Commerce.  “By winning this award the Fort Bend Chamber can be held up as an example of the best at providing its businesses excellent information to start a business in Fort Bend County.”


About the Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce

The Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce is a 5-star accredited, the largest single-county chamber in the greater Houston region and the largest business organization in Fort Bend County representing over 1,000 business organizations, over 5,000 individuals, and over 200,000 jobs. As the advocate for excellence in Fort Bend County and beyond, we do essential work to protect the business interests in our region.  The organization has been able, over the last 50 years, to be a strong and successful voice for business due to the solid and impressive investment of our members. The Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce creates, enhances and promotes the dynamic environment in which we work and live.

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