At Katy’s The Dog Stop, Your Dogs Are Our Clients; You Are Our Customers

From the moment that his new owners took him home from the rescue kennel over six years ago, Mickey has lived a life full of love.

He’s a genuine sweetheart with children, a warm and friendly greeter to the service folks who visit, and a “rock-star” at Katy’s The Dog Stop where he is everyone’s friend. Mickey is called “the greatest love-dog we’ve had in 46 years” by his owners. When it comes to watching television with his family or going to bed, he is as kind and cuddly as can be.

His primary fault? Squirrels drive him a tad crazy.

“Mickey is just one special example of the many heartwarming dogs that have stayed with us.  At The Dog Stop, we understand how special all pups are, and that they are special members of each of the families that use our services,” general manager and owner Adriana Herrera said. “It is those insights that our customers tell us about their beloved pets that motivates our entire staff to understand that every single dog that comes to us is very special.”

“In truth, the dogs are our clients, and their owners are our customers,” Herrera states.

“We can never replace home, but we can and do commit to personal care of your beloved dogs.  You can rest assured that everything we do here is about the safety, the comfort, and the overall well-being of your dog during their stay,” Herrera said.

The Dog Stop is more than just a boarding facility. It provides a full range of services that are summarized later in the story and fully explained on their website:

The Dog Stop is a national company founded in 2009 now with over 25 franchises in 12 states. The Dog Stop Katy is located at 23165 Morton Ranch Road and easily convenient to those around Grand Parkway, even on the south side of I-10.

The owners of The Dog Stop spent several years researching the pet care industry, surveying the needs of local pet owners, and planning an all-inclusive facility after they saw a lack of transparency in the industry. Their goal was to create a fun and safe environment where dogs would love to come and play so pet owners would feel 100% confident in the superior care that their dogs were receiving.

Since that day, The Dog Stop’s mission has been to deliver a superior experience for the dogs and their whole families by providing a safe environment, offering educational opportunities, anticipating and exceeding the needs of clients and their pet companions, instilling complete peace of mind for those we serve – and to earn their trust every day!

Overnight boarding is a major part of our business, Herrera added. Boarding dogs are integrated into playgroups during the day as part of the boarding service, which is available 365 days a year. Drop off and pick up is during regular hours except for major holidays, which are noted at the time of reservation.  Pet parents can add additional services to their pup’s stay, such as a leash walk, 1:1 play, cuddle time, aromatherapy, to name a few.  Those details are available on the website.

“Other services such as full-service baths or grooming, and daycare are also available,” Herrera notes.

In terms of grooming, the services can range from ‘nose to tail’ including a soothing shampoo, haircut, ears checked, nails trimmed, and a check of anal glands to let you know if there may be issues that need your attention.

In terms of daycare, there are full day or half-day options which can include other special activities with your pet including: leashed walks, group play, cuddle time, treadmill time, and “what we call ‘puzzle time’, which involves 15 minutes of one-on-one stimulating, engaging play,” Herrera added.

“We also provide VIP Boarding for your pets that cannot participate in group play due to behavior challenges, physical limitations, or because the dog is not altered,” Herrera said.   “Our staff take additional steps to ensure that VIP pups receive enrichment activities and 1:1 attention in lieu of group play.

Some of the key specialists at The Dog Stop include:

  • Jay Gwaltney: Manager
  • James Cichon: Dog Care Manager
  • Edwin Medrano: Groomer

“This story started by focusing personally on Mickey to make a point: it is my hope that Katy pet parents will give us a chance to love their fur babies.  We know trust is earned and must be maintained and we do everything we can to honor that commitment.  When you meet our skilled and loving staff, and see how happy your pup is, you will know that The Dog Stop is the place for your beloved canine. We love Mickey and we cannot wait to welcome your dog into the Dog Stop family,” Herrera concluded.