Katy News Launches a Bold Program Telling Your Real Story of Your Business

The Katy News owner and publisher Pat Wilson has announced a major new initiative for the website that will offer local and regional businesses an effective new way to tell consumers in their market arenas why their businesses are uniquely capable of helping them and to get that message out.

“We have established a new feature of Business Profiles that offer companies a chance to explain the background and professionalism in a ‘news style’ report up to 1,000 words,” Wilson said. “These stories will be posted in the rotating top lead position on the home page and stay on the website by category.”

“We will also routinely highlight in our promotion of the new feature those businesses which have taken advantage of the new feature,” Wilson added.

Businesses who use the service can write and provide their own words for the story (subject to modest review) at a cost of $150 or they can ask the Katy News to retain a professional writer to interview and produce the business profile for an additional fee. If the Katy News writes the story, the business will have full edit control over the finished project.

This feature was launched with the business profile of the West Law Office founded by Sue West, a highly-accomplished and experienced personal injury attorney who has lived in Katy with her husband since 1984.

“The profile of Mrs. West is a perfect example of how this marketing approach can go way beyond just the nitty-gritty (very important of course) of a legal practice,” Wilson noted. “Our professional writer helped the law firm get inside the history, the values, and the motivation of how the West Law Office is structured to help clients who have suffered terrible injustices at the hands of others.”

Mrs. West, for instance, started her career as a law clerk for a major personal injury law firm in the Houston area. In that role, she experienced the lives of people whose lives had been turned upside down. She decided to pursue her own law degree and eventually opened her own practice with strong encouragement and support from her husband, Wilson noted.

“It’s just impossible to read the profile of her career path and not be impressed,” Wilson said. “That’s what we want to accomplish for other businesses – tell their story in a way that consumers can really understand their business.”

“From white-collar to blue-collar service businesses or anything in between, people who have taken the initiative to be the owner of businesses are unique individuals with unique stories to tell,” Wilson said. “Telling your story in a meaningful and powerful way is the mission of our new Business Profiles service.”

Over the course of the next days and weeks, we’ll be posting more profiles. If you want to see your profile feature, contact us by email or phone. The email address is Pat@thekatynews.com and the telephone number is 281-396-3333.