Dr. Henry Cabrera and Lavender Waves Farm Charms Visitors with Unique Experiences

Paradise surely has a different definition from everyone you might ask, whether they prefer a white sandy beach, fresh snow on a scenic mountaintop, or the quiet gurgle of a stream in the forest. But it would be hard to argue with anyone who calls Lavender Waves Farm, “paradise.”

Located in South Kingston, Rhode Island, just four miles from the beach, Lavender Waves Farm spans 14 beautifully maintained acres. New England is full of beauty and natural splendor, from the mountains of Vermont to the beaches of Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard, to the sleepy fishing villages in Maine. All four seasons are on full display in the region, dazzling visitors and residents alike. But Lavender Waves Farm offers a unique, boutique farm setting amongst the usual New England attractions like Colonial trails, historical mansions, and taverns serving clam chowder and lobster rolls.

Visitors to the farm are as delighted by the 4,000 lavender plants that encircle the gazebo, as they are by the more than 60 animals that call the farm home. Dr. Henry Cabrera has spent the last seven years transforming the property into a one-of-a-kind escape that enchants guests on select days throughout the year. With an eye for luxury and rustic charm, no detail is overlooked by Dr. Henry Cabrera at Lavender Waves, from the innovative design for the lavender fields to the carefully selected animals, to the adult-friendly Airbnb suite.

One-of-a-Kind Experiences

Dr. Cabrera is especially enamored with his animals, as are his thousands of guests each year. Of the five privately held camels in Rhode Island, he owns three, all of which reside at Lavender Waves Farm. His Bactrian camel, Humphrey, was joined by dromedaries Jack and Bingham early in 2023. The camels are shockingly large but even-tempered and can be rented for use at events, with camel rides to come as a future endeavor. Chickens, ducks, peacocks, llamas, alpacas, and a Great Dane all keep the camels company and bring life to Lavender Waves.

The farm’s namesake herb is carefully protected, and can only be picked or cut at designated cut-your-own-lavender events that have strict attendance and time limits. Peak bloom season runs from late June through August, with a smaller bloom lasting through September, so the number of events each year is relatively few. Those wishing to attend will want to plan ahead and book spots early.

The innovative design of the fields makes the farm a highly desirable venue for events and photo shoots, all of which Dr. Cabrera works hard to accommodate. All-access to the farm must be approved outside of the scheduled general admission days to allow for proper staffing.

For those seeking more than just a stroll through the lavender, Dr. Cabrera has curated several elegant experiences that allow guests to spend additional time in his haven. Luxurious Lavender Picnics are thoughtfully arranged upon request, and the on-site Airbnb Farm Suite is a 5-star sanctuary with many repeat visitors.

Depending on the season, yoga, craft workshops, and private tours may all be offered on certain days. Checking the website and social media for the farm on a regular basis ensures that patrons don’t miss out on special events.

Membership Has Its Benefits

Dr. Henry Cabrera knows that fans of lavender are passionate about the fragrant and medicinal herb, and has created several membership packages to give them continued access to the farm throughout each season. Membership packages are offered in three tiers and include bundles of dried lavender, admission to cut-your-own-lavender events, and private time on the farm to enjoy the sights and sounds with loved ones.

Paradise Found

Summer in New England is a glorious time, filled with picturesque seaside towns and widely accessible historic sites. But for those willing to venture off the beaten path, they will find the hidden gems of the region, which include Lavender Waves Farm. Dr. Henry Cabrera’s unexpected oasis just inland from Rhode Island’s southern beaches offers a truly unique and soothing experience unlike anything else in the area. Close to everything but in a world of its own, Lavender Waves Farm provides its 2500 annual visitors with a luxuriously rustic retreat, whether they are staying for an afternoon or a weekend.

In a world that struggles to relax, Dr. Cabrera has created a little slice of paradise, where the beauty of the natural world can be enjoyed without sacrificing any modern conveniences or amenities. Those that find themselves in New England in the summer or early fall months should do themselves a favor and stop in at Lavender Waves Farm.