Choosing the Perfect Roof: Climate-Friendly Materials for Your Home    

The roof of your home is probably an important asset. It keeps you safe from harsh weather and ensures the property’s structure remains ideal. Therefore, choosing the perfect roof for your house is essential. And that starts with choosing the correct material. The materials for making a roof are many; there is asphalt, clay tile, slate, and many more. All are great, depending on your location and budget. But when looking for roofing materials, there is one more essential point to consider. That means finding a roofing material that is climate-friendly. An eco-friendly roof that is also affordable is highly essential. There are options when it comes to eco-friendly materials used for roofing purposes. And this blog discusses the same, with reasons for choosing them.

Here are the best eco-friendly roof options to choose from.

White roof or cool roof

One of the least expensive roofs and eco-friendly is a white roof. It is a light or white-colored roof. It is also known as a cool roof. The reason for this is that it keeps the roof’s temperature cool by reflecting the sun’s rays from your home. It, in turn, keeps the home’s interior cooler. It is not only eco-friendly but also reduces summer energy bills. The tip here is to choose an eco-friendly material. For instance, metal white roofs are recyclable, unlike asphalt shingles; therefore, what you choose matters.

Slate tile roof

One of the most eco-friendly and durable roofing options is a slate tile roof. It is ideal for brick and stone homes. Not only do they last centuries, but they also look stunning. There are two types of slate roofs: hard and soft. The former can provide a sustainable roof for up to 200 years. The latter for 125 years. Professional slate roof installers will also tell you to go with this for fire-prone areas, as it is completely fire-resistant. They are heavy and require more structural support, but they provide an incredible aesthetic look. To make this roofing option eco-friendly, use reclaimed materials and apply a tile coating to make it energy efficient.

Green roof

Roofs that you cover with green plants are known as green roofs.” When you grow green plants over the roof, the house’s temperature becomes cooler in the summer. It reduces the energy bills, making it more climate-friendly. Moreover, the green plants on the roof make it extremely aesthetic.

Metal roofing

A popular, climate-friendly roofing option is metal roofing. You can use recycled metal or new metal for this. Metal sheets have a reflective property that blocks excess sun rays from the home. Thus, the house remains cool, and there is less use of air conditioning. It helps save on energy bills. Another reason to use metal roofing is its long life expectancy and versatility. When choosing this, remember that it is not cheap and is noisy when there are storms.

Solar Roofing

A unique roofing option is solar roofing. It is newer on the market and is eco-friendly too. It comes in different forms. For instance, you can use solar panels on an existing roof or tile the roof. It is surely expensive to install. But afterward, you can expect several dollars in electricity bills. Fortunately, due to their being new and experimental, you can get a good price on them right now.

Rubber roofing

Rubber roofing uses rubber or plastic polymers. Or even a combination of these. The materials are recycled tires, so they are highly eco-friendly. They can last a good 50 years and work against storms and leakages.

Synthetic shake shingles

One of the most affordable roofing options is synthetic shake shingles. They do not require maintenance and insulate the home excellently. Thus, homeowners do not have to rely much on HVAC. It ensures nominal energy bills. Synthetic shake shingles use materials like polyurethane and more. They come in different materials; you can choose the best one for your home.

Whether you are renovating your house by switching the roof material or creating a home from scratch, Go with eco-friendly roofing options. The options are many, each offering something to the homeowners. Choose the one you feel is ideal for your house, location, and price.