Legally Mine Reviews: Protect Your Assets with Confidence and Peace of Mind

When it comes to asset protection, you may think (or hope) that you never have to worry about such a thing. And in a perfect world, you wouldn’t. But with an increasingly litigious culture permeating the United States, asset protection is becoming much more than an insurance policy – it’s a necessity. Business owners, and medical professionals in particular, are especially at risk for frivolous and expensive lawsuits, which can easily target personal assets and derail years of careful planning.

Luckily, there’s Legally Mine, one of the largest and most experienced asset protection firms in America. Originally founded by Jay Mitton, the “father of asset protection,” Legally Mine has been run by Dan McNeff since 2007. With over 40 years of experience in asset protection, tax savings, estate planning, and lawsuit prevention, Legally Mine works primarily with medical professionals to protect what they’ve worked so hard to earn.

Through their comprehensive services, Legally Mine can create entities that move assets out of the jurisdiction of the courts, protecting you and your loved ones from financial ruin in the case of a lawsuit. The proper use of these entities can also lead to tax savings in the tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars each year, which Legally Mine can work with your current CPA to implement. Living Trusts are also an area of expertise for Legally Mine, allowing you to ensure that your estate is settled exactly as you wish while avoiding probate court.

Legally Mine has a long history of prioritizing education, frequently appearing at medical and dental trade shows to alert medical professionals to the importance of asset protection. In fact, this was their primary function prior to McNeff’s purchase of the company; it was only in 2007 that they began to offer fulfillment of their services to members. Due to economies of scale, they are able to offer asset protection services to their clients for a fraction of what many attorneys would charge.

Well-known amongst medical professionals, Legally Mine’s reputation precedes them. Often described as “professional,” “priceless,” “attentive,” “helpful,” and “informative,” their client reviews repeatedly emphasize that “These guys honestly want to help people protect themselves and retain money legally from taxing entities.”

Legally Mine Reviews

With so many years in business, their high online ratings are a tribute to their unwavering commitment to protecting their clients. Even those who ended up not signing up for services have respect for both the company and the way that they do business, always acting as the ultimate professionals. Those that have contracted with them are impressed by their value and thoroughness.

“I signed up with Legally Mine in 2018. I was hesitant as there were a few negative reviews but I can honestly say that I have never regretted my decision. My business and personal structure are well organized and the peace of mind knowing my assets are protected is priceless. I would not hesitate to recommend this service to anyone.” – David G

“Legally Mine is a company that has given my family and I added protection and tax benefits. But I get that it is not for everyone. I feel they have been good at responding and with communication with my husband and me. We had to change a few things on our blueprint but that was easily done. I have also been aware of both positive and negative reviews. It’s a company that specializes in asset management and legal documents, so not everyone is in need of their services. As a doctor that has been out of school for about 13 years, it was worth us taking a look at our situation and it helped. They have been great to work with and I have benefited from some of their services.” – Carrie O

“Over 30 years of anesthesia practice in 4 states occasioned me to administer approaching 27,000 anesthesias as staff CRNA for 15 years and then 15 years as a freelance, self employed 1099 practitioner with my own LLC. I became aware of the ease with which attorneys can pierce the “corporate curtain” causing forfeiture of homes, autos and personal belongings in a malpractice suit. Dan M***** explained all this some years ago while speaking at my home state association’s meeting and I decided that incorporation was not bulletproof. I took advantage of Legally Mine and placed my house and belongings in trust and spent my nights sleeping soundly. By God’s grace, I was never sued. I knew my family was protected. Legally Mine’s staff was always polite, professional, knowledgeable, informative and helpful. I cannot thank Mr. M***** and his staff enough for the service and the peace of mind. I have retired and am now beyond the statute of limitations in all the states I worked. In closing my account and trust, Legally Mine was helpful, professional and supportive. I happily give my highest and unqualified endorsement of Legally Mine and their services to any professional at risk of civil litigation.” – JMF, CRNA

“Legally Mine, LLC has made protecting my assets so simple, so trouble free that I am absolutely shocked, and pleased. I really expected this to be a huge, complex quagmire of a legal problem, but it wasn’t. They do an amazing job of laying everything out for you in easy to understand terms and they summarize it all up for you in an easy to read binder explaining everything, and they go over everything with you on the phone just to make sure it all makes sense to you. I admit I was skeptical at first, but after seeing how good they are at setting it all up and answering any questions I had, I am a VERY satisfied customer.” – John Jeppson

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late to Protect Yourself

Unfortunately, asset protection can’t wait. You never know when you will be sued and how aggressive an attorney will be in targeting your assets. You and your family deserve to have the peace of mind that everything you’ve worked so hard to earn is protected from inevitable and damaging lawsuits. The potential for significant tax savings and the additional benefits of estate planning make Legally Mine a logical choice for any medical professional, particularly those that own their own practices and businesses.

Life is full of surprises, but the worst of these surprises don’t need to send you reeling, or spending years rebuilding what you’ve lost. Thanks to Legally Mine, you can protect your assets easily and completely.