Nam Announces 40Th Anniversary Campaign

Northwest Assistance Ministries is officially unveiling their 40th Anniversary Fundraising Campaign. NAM is using this campaign to fund both necessary building maintenance and an increased need for services.

NAM’s donations commitment is that .85 – .90 cents of every dollar raised goes directly towards program costs. There have been many times where NAM has found it necessary to neglect needs of the organization because circumstances have called for it, such as after the floods brought on by Hurricane Harvey and the economic impact of the pandemic soon after. Needs such as a new roof or HVAC upgrades have been put aside so that NAM can provide needed assistance to more of our neighbors.

“Many times, nonprofits put the little things aside to focus on providing services,” says Chief Advancement Officer, Brian Carr. “If not careful, the small things put aside can add up and become a roadblock to providing those needed services. This campaign looks to prevent these roadblocks from happening at NAM.”

Because NAM has chosen to make serving those in need their primary focus, some much needed building repair and maintenance (roof and HVAC) has had to wait. That is why NAM’s 40th Anniversary Campaign is being used to help raise $500,000 to fund these needs. NAM is hoping to raise enough funds to take care of all their maintenance needs while still meeting the increased need for services.

NAM is eager to meet with anyone and discuss these needs in more detail. If you would like to learn more about how you can give an additional gift to NAM, please or call 281-885-4555.

Northwest Assistance Ministries is a non-profit, community-based social service agency that strives to meet basic human needs through Neighbors Helping Neighbors. NAM provides assistance in areas such as food, shelter, health, education and domestic violence awareness and intervention. During its last fis-cal year, NAM touched the lives of more than 122,000 people through its many programs and services.