Why You Should Hire Luxury Toilets And Showers For Your Event

If you’re a regular in the event organization scene, you may have already learned this lesson. Still, if you’re new to event organizing and trying to make your mark, there are many things you can do to raise your event to the next level.

The best events offer more than just entertainment, food and atmosphere. They ensure the welfare facilities provided to their guests are luxurious too. Whether your event lasts a single day or a few days, the quality of the toilets often sticks in memories when visitors recall their experiences, so it pays to provide the best.

Luxury toilet facilities, such as those available from leading event and site facilities company SRP Hire Solutions, are the perfect solution to ensure that your guests only have good things to say about how you care for their personal needs!

Why luxury toilet hire is the way to go

Whether it’s a large corporate or public event, wedding or family party, luxury toilet facilities offer a more comfortable hygiene solution to ensure guests have the best amenities when they need a trip to the loo.

What Options Are Available?

Fully portable luxury toilet facilities are available in a range of simple solutions that can be placed conveniently on-site, and they offer a range of facilities depending on the size of the toilet trailer you choose. Some of the options available include:

A 2+1 luxury toilet trailer – a mid-size luxury trailer suitable for up to 200 people. Featuring two roomy ladies’ toilets and one gent’s toilet plus a urinal, these facilities offer clean, hygienic and reliable comfort facilities that will set your event up as one of the best. These toilets use recirculating flush systems and only require an electrical connection.

A 3+1 specialized mobile luxury toilet trailer – Incorporating two unisex recirculating toilets, this unit is heated, perfect for when the weather is chilly. It is also equipped with an extractor fan and is flexible to cater for 50 to 100 people.

Large scale 4+2 luxury toilet trailer – the real jewel in the crown, or should we say ‘throne’, this luxury unit is suitable for larger events or to really up the game in the level of toilet facilities. It contains four ladies’ toilets, three urinals and two gents toilets. There are full-length mirrors within the hand-washing areas. Available with mains connection flush or as recirculating toilets, this highly adaptable unit provides comfort for anyone answering the call of nature.

Each luxury toilet trailer unit is environmentally friendly, with low-wattage water heating, full LED internal lights and LED road lighting. Some hire facility suppliers will offer strip curtains to aid privacy and greater temperature control, as well as fresh or grey water flush systems that provide a simpler and cheaper alternative to vacuum flush toilets, ensuring greater efficiency in water use and waste tank capacity.

Systems can also be fitted with a 12-volt power supply and battery backup, working for long periods without mains power if needed. However, mains power will enable battery charging and help to provide hot water (the height of luxury in a portable toilet facility).

If you want to create an impression for the right reasons at your event, corporate day, conference, festival, wedding or fayre, go up a notch with the welfare facilities you offer guests and visitors. The luxury range of toilet and washroom facilities for hire will ensure that your guests have everything they need and no reason to complain. If your events make their mark, your reputation as a quality event organizer will be boosted, helping you attract higher quality staff and more visitors. So, offering the best makes sense and prevents your event from making embarrassing headlines for its lack of toilet facilities.