7 Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner Stopped Working

Over the past few years, air conditioners have become a necessity in our homes to deal with the scorching summer heat. But even the best air conditioning systems in the industry often stop working without showing any warning sign.

Dealing with a faulty air conditioner in the unbearable summer heat is a drag, not to mention the shocking expense of repairing the AC that piles up.

In this blog, we have curated a list of reasons why your air conditioner might have stopped, and technicians working in Green Leaf Air, the best AC repair company, Dallas, Texas have to offer, shared their expertise on what to do in those situations.

7 Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner May Have Stopped Working

There are quite a few reasons why the AC in our homes could stop functioning. This includes thermostat problems, dirty air filters, blocked outdoor units, and many more. Here are some of the top reasons and what to do in those situations.

1.     Thermostat Problem

The thermostat plays an important role in the air conditioning system. Over time, the thermostat battery dies and stops working, which in turn, stops the AC from functioning. Incorrect temperature calibration or thermostat malfunction can also cause the air conditioner to stop working.

Replace the batteries of the thermostat and set the temperature at the ‘cool’ setting. If you notice that the thermostat is not working properly, get it repaired by a technician or install a new one.

2.     The Disconnect Switch Is Off

According to the building codes or regulations, every air conditioning system must have an indoor and outdoor switch. These switches are installed near the AC units and are known as disconnect switches.

If these switches are turned off, the connection to the air conditioner will be disconnected, stopping it immediately. Before calling a technician and working on the system, make sure to check whether the switches are on or not. Turn both indoor and outdoor switches on to restart the AC.

3.     Blown Fuse

One of the top reasons why the air conditioner does not work is a blown a fuse. In case the fuse between the thermostat and AC is blown, you will have to replace it with a new one.

You can replace the fuse on your own. However, if you do not have any experience with electrical components, rely on an HVAC technician.

4.     Tripped Circuit Breaker

Circuit breakers often trip due to overloading. When the circuit breaker trips, the system will not work. Check the breaker box in your home and reset the circuit breaker for the AC to function again.

Turn off a few appliances that contribute to the overloading. You can rely on Green Leaf Air AC repair service if the circuit breaker trips on a regular basis.

5.     Dirty Or Clogged Air Filters

Air filters play an important role in air conditioner operation. These filters ensure that the air entering the home is clean and does not cause any health issues. However, as time goes on, the filters accumulate dust, dirt, debris, etc.

And when the filters are clogged, it causes the air conditioner to operate harder and longer than required. Besides, short cycling due to dirty filters can also cause the system to stop working. So, ensure that the filters get cleaned on a regular basis.

6.     Blocked Outdoor Condenser Unit

Air conditioning systems come with both outdoor and indoor units. The condenser unit is the outdoor component of the air conditioner which ensures proper airflow for an efficient AC performance. However, the growth of bushes, plants, trees, etc., blocks the condenser unit, obstructing the airflow.

On top of that, dust, dirt, and so on clog the condenser coil. And this blockage can often cause the AC from functioning. To prevent this, ensure proper AC maintenance and regular cleaning.

7.     Mechanical Failure

There are several components inside an air conditioning system. These components include an evaporator coil, condenser coil, fan, and many more. And all of these components must work properly for optimum AC performance.

However, the components can fail without any warning or sign. The air conditioner will stop working if any of these parts encounter a mechanical failure. In this case, you must get in touch with an AC professional. They will inspect the system and repair or replace the failed component.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Did My Air Conditioner Stop Working All Of A Sudden?

If the air conditioner in your home suddenly stops working, there could be a number of reasons behind it. Mechanical failure, blown fuse, tripped circuit, etc., are typically responsible for preventing the air conditioning system from working.

How Can I Reset A Circuit Breaker When It Trips?

In case the circuit breaker trips, you can reset it. Turn off the appliances connected to the circuit breaker and open the circuit box. Look for a circuit breaker that is positioned between on and off. Reposition the tripped circuit breaker on the off position and move it back up to reset the system.

Can I Keep My AC Running 24/7?

Running the air conditioning system all day and night will cause it to lose efficiency over time. It will also increase the wear and tear of the system and can cause the AC to stop working.

Bottom Line

Dealing with a malfunctioning air conditioning system can be stressful. The hassle and additional cost of repair add to the suffering of surviving in the unbearable heat. But proper maintenance of the air conditioner and its connected components can prevent the system from shutting down.

Relying on skilled and experienced HVAC technicians for proper cleaning and servicing is the best way to ensure that the system functions properly. If you are looking for a top-quality AC repair company, Dallas Texas, is home to several experienced technicians.