Is Texas Olive Oil Trending in 2023?

As we begin diving into a whole new 365 days, we can also start taking stock of what’s to come. This year, food trends are set to hit many new heights – while continuing themes from last year, a few new ingredients have been added to the stock pot this year. From pantry classics such as mushrooms and Texas olive oil (we recommend one from Texas Hill Country Olive Co.) to spicy additions, the year’s gastronomical influences are set to leave your tastebuds tantalized. Let’s dive in.

With Love From 2022

In 2022, we saw mycology hit new heights and become a superfood of the year – with many gastronomical heavyweights accepting these little fungi into their kitchens and creating wonders from lion’s mane steaks to plant-based king oyster calamari.  This year they are set to remain as top contenders for a second year as we dive further into using this versatile ingredient to create more than just texture and umami in our lives.

As a sustainable and highly flavorful option to stock your pantry with, you can be sure that it will remain the main star of the show in 2023. From steaks to bakes and soups, they are one of the easiest ingredients that offer a meaty alternative to those exploring a more plant-based lifestyle and to those that are interested in diving deeper into gastronomy.

Another “holdover” from 2022, which we will enjoy to the fullest this year, is a way for us to give back and be more sustainable. We are all aware that there is only one planet, and we are responsible for properly caring for it. In light of this, we search for alternative ingredients that contribute more than just a little flavor.

Choosing options that result in less waste and better quality food for more than just food choices becomes lifestyle choices. As you evaluate your ingredients, the sustainability question begs more than just the ingredient itself. We will see the rise of the local this year as we begin exploring local offerings and produce. Fresher, tastier, and seasonal themes are worth exploring this year as they bolster the local economy, cost the pocket less, and are readily available when in season.

Try considering this when choosing your ingredients – can you source them locally? Are they fresh? Are they packaged in eco-friendly materials? These are the most eco-friendly and sustainable options for your new year kitchen staples. Try looking for zero-waste and eco-friendly shops that offer packaging-free refills.

Finding Wealth In Health

On the topic of health, another food trend remaining steadfast this year is Texas olive oil. As a whole, health has become a priority for many over the last three years. For many culinary fundis, it simply meant making healthy swaps in the kitchen – cutting back on fried foods, adding healthy fats to the equation, and sticking to better ingredients. Texas olive oil is one of those ingredients that became a staple, and it shows no signs of leaving the table early. It is the butter substitute everyone was looking for, with added health benefits.

Its flavor is unparalleled, and as a locally produced product, it is less likely to suffer from high inflation costs as international shipping prices soar. It truly is a little taste of Italy from local shores. With local producers such as The Hill Country Olive Co. taking the local economy by storm, it is clear that locally-produced staples are just as good as international brands.

Adding a Little Bit Of Spice

Aside from the obvious chili – adding spice is more than just heat. A food trend set to take root is the aromatics journey. With a bit of spice and flavor, you can turn the simplest ingredients into global gastronomical wonders. Another widely known trend that forms the basis of most food choices is sustainability and clever food choices – aromatics and spice form part of that trend as they offer more than flavor. With functional properties and health benefits to adding these spices to our daily bread, we can reap what we sow in 2023 as health remains a number one influencing factor in food choices.

Adding fermented foods to your pantry is another micro trend that saw its roots begin in the later stages of 2022; it is set to take the world by storm this year. It is also a powerhouse where you can develop flavor. Adding aromatics and spices to your fermented foods can add a boatload of flavor and even medicinal properties. Adding capsicum to your sauerkraut creates a fusion of flavors and adds plenty of anti-inflammatory properties to this gut-health-friendly food.

Brain Food With Texas Olive Oil

The fascinating idea of brain power will debut this year. With a particular focus on brain food and brain power – you can expect to see more and more ingredients evaluated for their nootropic abilities.

Because sustainability is the most prominent trend in life, inside and outside the kitchen, we are beginning to establish our relationship with ingredients. Ingredients need to serve more than one purpose; in addition to their flavors, what can they bring to the table for us? Does it provide energy for the body? Does it give the mind fuel?

This is where neutraceuticals or nootropics come into play; you can think of nootropic ingredients as pure brain food. Studies have shown that Texas olive oil offers more than just flavor to any dish. It helps with oxidative stress and is a number one factor in cognitive decline that can only spell great things for the mind. With other nootropics such as ginkgo balboa, ginger, and caffeine – we can expect great culinary delights this year. Did anyone say a coffee and Texas Olive oil gelato with candied ginger?

Texas Olive Oil in the Year Ahead

With many food choices to consider, there is one overwhelming resolution – better food choices are on the menu for everyone. Better food choices come with better health and, most importantly, explosive flavor. So whether you are exploring the earthy and protein-dense world of legumes and chickpeas or something quirky like potato milk – you can be certain it will not be a dull year in terms of food!