Poorly planted trees are a safety hazard for your property – reduce the risks with timely tree removal services

Planting trees is a great thing. They give shade, offer fruits, and are an excellent place for the birds to build their nests. But poorly planted trees can cause structural damage and be a safety hazard for your property. The tree branches can fall and damage the property beyond repair. When it comes to maintaining trees, we have some areas you should keep in mind so that your property and family remain safe in the long run.

  • Large tree roots can pose a severe threat to your property

There must be a significant distance between the tree and your property. No matter how much space you leave, the tree roots tend to find their way under the soil. This often leads to structural damage to the property. Poorly planted trees can easily damage the driveways, sidewalks, and at times your home’s foundation.

  • Poorly planted trees can clog the gutters and damage the roof

The tree branches have often caused cosmetic damage to the house’s exteriors. If the tree branch is too close to the roof, it can break down anytime and fall on the top. This will break the shingles, and the roof will be damaged. Moreover, the dried-up leaves and twigs from the tree will fall on the roof, ultimately leading to clogged gutters. If proper action is not taken, things can go out of hand.

  • Dead trees branches pose a significant risk

No one knows when the dead branches will fall. It is pretty unpredictable and can harm anyone. It might fall on the nearby car parked on the road, or it can simply lower over your neighbor’s property. What will you do then? You must get in touch with experts like Evergreen Landscape Care & Tree Services serving Portland and nearby areas and ask them to get rid of the poorly planted trees for good. Timely tree removal services help you avoid unwanted risks. Your property remains safe, and the landscape looks great. Make sure that you hire professionals for the job.

  • How far should you plant trees from your home?

There are some general rules of tree planting that one should follow. These rules ensure a safe distance between your property and the trees. A tree should be planted at least 10-20 feet away.

  • Large trees with a minimum height of 70 feet should be planted 20 feet away from the property.
  • Medium-sized trees less than 70 feet should be planted at a distance of 15 feet.
  • Small trees that grow to 30 feet should be planted 10 feet away from the property.

Don’t let poorly planted trees damage your property. You should get in touch with the experts at the earliest and ask them to do the needful. Most tree arborists offer a wide range of services varying from tree trimming, tree removal, stump grinding, tree transplanting, and so on. You can entirely rely on the experts for a quality job. If you have any queries, feel free to discuss it with them.