Spectrum Fusion celebrates Disability Employment Awareness Month by spreading awareness of neurodiversity and employability through Spectrum Studio and its Media Team

The nonprofit is seeking sponsorships to expand the Studio and add new positions

Since October is Disability Employment Awareness Month, local nonprofit Spectrum Fusion is celebrating and bringing awareness to neurodiversity and employability among young adults, including those it serves through its Spectrum Fusion Studio’s Media Team. The theme for this year’s national awareness month is “Disability – Part of the Equity Equation” and showcases supportive, inclusive employment policies and practices.

Spectrum Fusion, which is located at 2016 Bissonnet St. in the West University area, provides training, internships and real-world experience so adults on the autism spectrum can reach their full potential. This support allows them to forge career pathways into the creative and media industries, where many are underrepresented. Now, companies and nonprofits have a way of connecting with creative professionals on the autism spectrum — and fostering neurodiversity in the workplace.

For the six Houston-area residents it employs, the Spectrum Fusion Studio has provided opportunities for the Media Team to work on a range of fulfilling projects — including documentaries, commercials, and video trailers. Clients have included Johnson & Johnson, Autism Speaks, Kaiser Permanente, United Way and ROCO.

I’m so proud of our Media Team and what they have accomplished,” says Heidi Stieglitz Ham., Ph.D., founder and CEO of Spectrum Fusion. “Often, creative individuals on the autism spectrum, such as writers, designers and videographers, are overlooked for positions in the media industry. At Spectrum Fusion, we embrace creativity among neurodiverse individuals, and they have proven they can deliver high-quality products to our clients. Neurodiversity is about accepting the fact that everyone’s brain works differently.”

“Many companies hire advertising agencies to create campaigns, ads or videos,” Stieglitz Ham continues. “Working with our Spectrum Fusion Media Team is a way these businesses can support creatives and build teams that include those who are neurodivergent. I hope decision makers will consider hiring our team for their creative needs.”

To continue to support the Media Team and add new jobs, Spectrum Fusion turns to fundraising through sponsorships. The nonprofit is kicking off “Neurodiversity in the Media Industry,” which is an opportunity for individuals, foundations and companies to sponsor new positions with the Spectrum Fusion Studio at various funding levels.

Sponsorships begin at $250 – $999 for “Festival Hit” and on up to $20,000 and above for “World Premiere.” Other categories include “Indie Classic” ($1000 – $2499); “Award Winner” ($2500 – $4999); “Star Studded” ($5000 – $9,999) and “Blockbuster” ($10,000 – $19,999.)

Stieglitz Ham says, “What could be better than investing in the future of someone with great potential who just needs a chance to prove themselves?” For the other autistic adults whom Spectrum Fusion serves — individuals who still are looking for work and business opportunities — the Studio is a valuable source of support that showcases their abilities and work experience with polished, high-quality videos.

Photos courtesy of Spectrum Fusion.

Current Spectrum Fusion Media Team members include:

  • William Purdy, Creative Director
  • John Karl Barth, Videographer
  • Darren Logue, Production Assistant
  • Philip Thomas, Lead Editor
  • Rachel Joanna, Graphic Artist
  • Rhys Griffin, Storyteller/Voice Actor
  • Gabriel Hood, Videography Intern
  • Cooper Harris Videography Intern

To learn more about Spectrum Fusion, visit our website at www.spectrumfusion.org. To become a sponsor, please contact heidi@spectrumfusion.org or call  832-208-5786.