These Are the Most Popular Sports in The World

We have just reported about the most popular sports in South Africa. Does this coincide with the most popular sports in the world? South Africa may be a special place, but this nation has one thing in common with the entire globe: the undisputed king of sports.

Number 1: Soccer

This king, as in many countries around the world, is soccer. 3.5 billion people worldwide are soccer fans. About 250 million are considered active players, but there may be significantly more. After all, not every small hobby club and every schoolyard kicker is counted. The history of soccer is one success story! When major tournaments are played, TVs go on all over the world and live streams run hot. The football betting sites on the internet have the most visitor traffic of all. Accordingly, the range of offers is large! A wide range of corresponding platforms is listed at It is a comparison platform that informs users about the most important features of various digital bookmakers and thus provides guidance to users interested in betting. The service is free of charge and without obligation.

Number 2: Cricket

It gets a little more exciting in second place: Which sport is ranked directly behind soccer on the popularity scale worldwide? Probably few would guess it, but it’s cricket, of all things. As we all know, this sport originated in England, or more precisely in the southeastern counties of the country. In the beginning, cricket was played exclusively in high society, among the male population. Today this can’t be said anymore, meanwhile the batting and ball game has about 2.5 billion fans. 460 million active people play cricket regularly. That is quite a lot! Especially in England, India, and Australia, this pastime is held in high esteem.

Number 3: (Ice) Hockey

The third place is occupied by ice hockey, a sport that is widespread, especially in Canada, Northern, and Eastern Europe, and the USA. We have long known that the Canadians are the best ice hockey players, but we always mess with them to get a few victories as well. There are different versions, one is regular field hockey, then bandy and field hockey. 2.2 billion people in the world love field hockey and about 1.64 million play it themselves. The roots of this sport go back forever, even as early as 600 BC our ancestors are said to have chased the puck across the ice. Is that really true?

Number 4: Races of all kinds

Races and races of all kinds occupy the 4th place in the world popularity scale. In these races, people either compete against each other on their own feet over various distances, or on horseback or motorized. We simply summarize all types of races, which results in about 1.98 million people who practice this sport. We don’t know how many fans there are in total, but most of them will probably watch one or another type of race on a regular basis. The competitive pressure in this field is high, and the tension is correspondingly strong. Also, many fans of captivating races like to get into sports betting because it makes things even more hair-raising.

Number 5: Tennis

What would be a list about the most popular sports without tennis? As early as the 12th century, at least the gentlemen faced each other on the outdoor court and hit the balls around each other’s ears. By the 13th century at the latest, tennis had established itself as an indoor game. The name “tennis” probably comes from the 16th century, before that people used other names. The fan community is estimated at about 1 billion – and about 87 million of them actively play tennis. Whenever a major tournament takes place anywhere in the world, the eyes and ears of the media turn in that direction. Where would we be without Grand Slam and Co.?

Number 6: Boxing

On the 6th place actually lands boxing, although this sport is quite controversial. On the one hand, however, it meets with great enthusiasm, especially among young people! Some people fly across the globe just to see big fights. In the USA, boxing is particularly popular, and the crowds are correspondingly high. Las Vegas has become a kind of capital of boxing. Boxing is also very popular in Mexico, Cuba, in Great Britain and in the Philippines. About 900 million people love this sport, where people really hit it. We do not know how many of them are entering the ring themselves. But there will be quite a few.