School Safety Joint Press Conference Recap

Jacey Jetton

Eight days before school begins for many Fort Bend families, law enforcement officers, school district leaders, elected officials, and community leaders spoke at a joint press conference to share the updated school safety plan for the coming school year. Fort Bend County Sheriff Eric Fagan, Representative Ron Reynolds (Texas House District 27), and Representative Jacey Jetton (Texas House District 26) led in briefing the media on increased security and innovative measures to ensure the safety of Fort Bend schools. The full press conference is now available on YouTube.

“All the school safety policies and procedures in the world are not helpful if there is no follow-through,” stated Jetton. “Our state, school, and local law enforcement leadership are working together to ensure our school safety policies are robust and fully implemented. As a community, we have a responsibility to be vigilant in recognizing potential threats and ensure we are reporting concerns to authorities. We must also recognize and stand up for those around us who are in need.”

Law enforcement officials provided updates on the improved methods used to assess and eliminate active-shooter threats and incidents, including improvements to mental health resources. School leaders, and Representatives Reynolds and Jetton spoke on school safety funding, security policies, and incident response procedures. Superintendent Dr. Roosevelt Nivens of Lamar Consolidated Independent School District expounded, “My plea is to not forget school safety tomorrow; let’s make sure school safety is the first thing on our minds every day.”  Superintendent Dr. Robert Bostic of Stafford Municipal School District stated the importance of school safety, “To us, school security is our first priority, not our second”.

Sheriff Fagan stated, “Law enforcement agencies are working together to protect the most precious possession in our state – our children.” The briefing demonstrated the ongoing and increased commitment to school safety in Fort Bend County, ahead of the new school year.”

Jacey Jetton Biography

Jacey Jetton is a 7th generation Texan and the son of a South Korean immigrant, who represents Sugar Land, Richmond, Rosenberg, and the surrounding areas in the Texas House of Representatives. He serves on the House Committees for Redistricting, Public Health, Elections, the Policy Committee for the Texas House Republican Caucus, and the Select Committee on Constitutional Rights and Remedies. Jetton was appointed the Vice Chair of the Texas Commission on Special Education Funding. During the 87th Legislative session in 2021, he was selected by his peers in the Republican Caucus as Freshman Legislator of the Year.

Jetton is a small business owner who serves the people of Fort Bend County by volunteering with various organizations that focus on supporting single moms, uplifting those in poverty, and assisting with veterans’ issues. Jacey and his wife Fanny often volunteer with their two boys, Jacob and Calob, who attend schools in Fort Bend ISD. Jetton’s background includes working in the 83rd legislative session as a Legislative Director, in the Texas Comptroller’s agency as a taxpayer liaison, President for a Fort Bend County Municipal Utility District, and as Engagement Director for the Republican Party of Texas. Jetton also served in the Texas Army National Guard where he was attached to a mechanized infantry unit in the 36th Infantry Division. Prior to serving in the Texas Legislature, Jetton was elected Chairman of the Fort Bend County Republican Party.

Following a highly contentious 87th Legislative Session, Jetton is focused on supporting Texas families by strengthening the building blocks of communities, empowering Texans to make the right decisions for their families. His legislative portfolio will include bills supporting student-focused education, improving infrastructure, and creating safer communities. Jetton hopes to continue to partner with community leaders to serve people, support good policies, and communicate well with his constituents.