Top 3 best football leagues in sports betting

Among sports, football has always been the most commonly debated topic in the world, and it is easy to find it on sportsbook websites. Some of the most popular football tournaments we can mention such as Premier League, La Liga, Ligue 1, Champions League … at the club level. Internationally, we are always interested in World Cup and Euro matches. In football betting, if we want to find out what factors affect football tournaments, we should first find out what types of football matches are popular when playing football betting at famous bookmakers sounds like soccer Betway for example. Here, we will find out which tournaments attract players to bet the most.

World Cup – Top 1 of the major football tournaments in the world

When learning about football tournaments around the world, the World Cup cannot be ignored. This is the world football championship on an international scale; It is held every 4 years by FIFA. This tournament brings together hundreds of big and small teams from many different countries; a member of FIFA participates in the competition with impressive competitions. A reminder of World Cup history, 1930; This tournament was first held and interrupted twice in 1942 and 1946. Including the 2018 World Cup that just took place; with a surprising change when the big teams turn to “carry suitcases” back to the country; from the group stage gave way to a weaker and smaller team.

UEFA Champions League

The world-famous football tournament, the UEFA Champions League, is always interesting to many people. Vietnamese people often call this tournament with the familiar name C1 Cup. So what is the C1 Cup? Why is the C1 Cup so attractive? This is a live championship football tournament of the top clubs in Europe.

Over 50 years of development, the C1 Cup has created a fierce competition arena; thrilling and extremely attractive for the strongest clubs in Europe. The tournament is organized in several rounds; The first competition format includes a qualifying round, quarter-final, semi-final, and final.

The C1 Cup has so far attracted a large number of fans. Real Madrid Club is known as the team with the most impressive feats; having won the championship 12 times and 5 Champions Cups in 5 consecutive seasons. This is a very admirable achievement for the countries participating in the C1 Cup.

Euro Football Championship

Euro is one of the football tournaments in the world; it is held every 4 years in Europe by the European Football Federation FIFA. The purpose of this tournament was to create a playground for friction; between the national teams of the European region competing, pitting, and competing against each other.

And like other competitive tournaments, the Euro is also a playground that produces convincing champions. Up to now, Germany and Spain are the two teams with the highest number of European Euro Cup winners. It is expected that this Euro 2020 season will be held in 12 different cities across Europe, breaking the hosting regulations of previous countries.

Those are the three most popular tournaments in the football betting world and are also fertile ground for bookmakers to make a lot of money from the number of users and betting odds. Are you a fan of the above tournaments? Join betting today to win attractive prizes.