Reminiscing Traveling? Here are Disney+ Movies that will Give Getaway Feels

If you’re thinking about traveling, watching movies is arguably the best thing to keep off boredom. That means you should have ample time to get the best streaming app that will give you the best experience. One best to consider is Disney+.

You will get a chance to utilize three streaming services offering a crazy good deal; the Disney bundle. You can subscribe to Disney Plus bundle to enjoy Disney +, Hulu, and ESPN+.

For the love of traveling, we have listed four great movies and their filming locations to ensure you break your routine and enjoy your getaway.

  1. Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey (1963)

The movie filming took place in Oregon. It follows Luath, Bodger, both dogs, and Tao, a cat on a hunting trip adventure.

The three animals have been left by their owners and John, their owners’ friend who lives miles away, takes them. John decides to go on a camping trip, and soon, the loneliness of the three pets sets in, forcing them to find their way back home. The way through the wilderness is not easy; it takes them 250 miles.

You can’t dare miss see the trio of pets as they interact. It’s quite an interesting narration that is good for kids and adults too.

  1. John Carter (2012)

John Carter was partly filmed in Wayne County, Utah. It shows John, who is transported to Barsoom, where he finds 12-foot barbarians. He manages to escape but meets with Woola and a princess who needs assistance.

The barbarians pursue him but instead meet some Indians. They engage in a gunfight while John hides in a cave. In the safe, he meets funny creatures he has never seen before. But there is one woman tells him he is on Mars.

John Carter is one of the best sci-fi, a Super Mario Bros film you will enjoy watching.

  1. The Three Musketeers (1993)

The movie is an action-adventure comedy filmed in Germany, Bamberg, and Bavaria. It features the adventures of d’Artagnan, who wants to follow in his father’s footsteps and join the musketeers. Unfortunately, the evil cardinal has dispersed them, leaving only three of them, Aramis, Athos, and Porthos, who must all join hands to save the king and the country.

And when the Captain of the Cardinal Guard arrives with four guards to arrest them, the musketeers kill all four.

  1. Swiss Family Robinson (1960)

Swiss Family Robinson is among the best family adventure film shorts in Tobago and Pinewood Studios. It tells the story of a family of five whose ship is attacked by pirates. Due to a storm, the pirates leave the shipwrecked family on an uninhabited island.

The family safely gets to the shore. Soon, the pirates find the ship, but the father is quick to raise a quarantine flag, indicating a disease roaming, which scares them away. With time, the family discovers the island has a diversity of wildlife, some dangerous, such as a tiger, but this doesn’t stop building an island home.


You now have some travel inspirations. The movies can also push you to Google the locations where filming took place. Perhaps you can discover new places during your trip.