Fort Bend Children’s Discovery Center May 2022 Happenings

Spring Things WonderWeek

May 10 to 14

Spring is in full swing! It’s time to celebrate green grass, blooming flowers, and light rain!  Make water cycle bracelets, learn about electrifying science, and celebrate spring by designing 3-D butterflies.

Story Time with Peter Pan

May 14

Sponsored by Caldwell & Steinbring Dentistry for Children

Peter Pan is flying to Fort Bend Children’s Discovery Center for a one-of-a-kind story time experience. Let your creativity take you on an imaginative journey to Neverland.  Peter will be meeting and greeting, so don’t miss this fun event!

Plastic Power WonderWeek

May 17 to 21

Plastic – it’s all around us! But did you know it’s recyclable?  That means it can be repurposed into different objects, including creative works of art!  Join us for an environmentally friendly week and find out how much fun upcycling can be.

Mr. Leo Puppet Show

May 21

Sponsored by Phillips 66

Here comes the fun!  Watch seasoned puppeteer Mr. Leo put on a crowd-pleasing performance created for toddlers. Your children are sure to be delighted as they dance and laugh to this interactive show.

Get Ready, Get Set! WonderWeek

May 24 to 28

The race to summer is on!  Countdown to summer with new, colorful activities to celebrate the sunniest season of all including designing a fun summer vibes outfit, making wind fans designed to look like fruits and more!

Fun Vibes Only WonderWeek

May 31 to June 4

The sun is out, and summer is here! Bask in our fun vibes with a cheery week which celebrates summer fun, including making scenic postcards, designing flower leis and crowns and more!