Which aspects you should consider before installing artificial grass?

Currently, synthetic grass is increasingly popular in sports fields, gardens (indoor and public) and playgrounds. People looking to buy artificial grass include sports field builders, artificial grass installers and landscaping companies. These people have extensive experience in the artificial turf industry and know how to find a suitable product and a reliable supplier.

Private customers buy artificial grass for their own projects, such as vegetable gardens, backyards, roofs, or home gardens. They do not have rich knowledge of artificial grass. Sometimes they get confused about the quality of the products and want to buy quality and affordable artificial grass.

Find a reliable artificial turf supplier

By reliable we mean provide quality products with good service and warranty. A professional turf installing company not only gives you what you order but also offers the best solutions. If you are looking for the best services at affordable prices, know that TK Turf of Tampa Bay is here to serve you with quality, experience, professionalism, and best quality product according to your budget and project.

Fit your application

Did you know that there is no standard grass type, which is 100% all-purpose? Indoor and outdoor garden, playground, football field, cricket field, tennis court, hockey field are some of the examples where artificial grass is widely used. Provide the project details to your supplier to allow them to offer a suitable solution, as detailed as possible.

We recommend 20-40 mm thick artificial grass for indoor garden and playground projects. Rolling artificial lawn is a carpet-looking product, packaged in rolls. The factories produce 2 m, 3.8 m, 4 m or 5 m in width rolls.

Soil preparation

Before installing the synthetic grass roller, the soil must be prepared, with the removal of dirt, weeds and sharp items, such as stones and branches. After preparation, the installation itself begins. At this point, it is necessary to consider whether the material will be on the ground or on the floor.

In the first option, it is necessary to compact the soil with a steamroller. Then, you must put a drainage blanket. Place the synthetic grass on top of it. It will prevent weeds from growing in the area.

In the second option, after cleaning the floor, you should apply an adhesive or glue on the surface, to ensure the adhesion of the material. Then unroll the roller on the floor, pressing down on the grass for a better grip.

It is necessary to choose good professionals

It is essential to choose a good, reliable company that has quality professionals. Some people may choose to do the service themselves, without calling a technician. However, this choice may not be ideal. Before installing synthetic grass, search for specialized companies like TK Turf. Call a qualified professional and guarantee great service.

Have you ever bought synthetic grass? Many people buy and know nothing more than what would be essential. However, the essentials do not always include all the important facts about the product. It is necessary that you stay well informed about the information necessary for a safe and assertive purchase.