Ever Pest Control – Prices

When you face the issue of pest extermination, it’s always a dilemma: what to choose. Most of the radical ways to eliminate populations of pests are pretty expensive, and furthermore, only a few of them are really safe for people, pets, or the environment. So there are a lot of discussions about the efficiency of the ultrasonic pest repellers, which are the only really comfortable and non-toxic devices.

What does EverPest do?

The main point about the operating principle of these appliances is emitting the waves on a frequency that does not bother humans and pets but expels the pests. The frequency determines what pests the device is intended to remove, and how the extermination happens. The latest developments offer to the customers the EverPest products which allow getting rid of all types of pests in the shortest terms and with no further need to collect the dead pests all over the area. It just makes them extremely uncomfortable to reside in your house and causes them to go away. EverPest pricing is quite democratic, so it’s worthy to learn about.

Peculiarities of EverPest repellers

Before choosing a pest repeller by EverPest, there are several features you should know about. They will give you a better understanding of what these devices are and what is their advantage.

Indoor and outdoor

EverPest ultrasonic repellers are available to use inside the premise and outside, the efficiency does not change. The only aspect to consider is the protection of the device from water of any kind. EverPest prices are not affected by the location where you want to use the units – they are universal.


The devices by EverPest have a complex action, so when you search for how much does everpest costs for mice, you find the answer for all the other potential problems to appear. The functionality allows you to protect yourself from bothering by:

  • rodents of all types;
  • prawns;
  • ants and termites;
  • flies and mosquitoes.

So when you ask: “How much does everpest cost?” the answer supposes that you buy the device once and for long, resolving the complex problems you may face in advance.


Because of the technologies that the devices are designed with, they are available to use in any room or premise producing no discomfort sound effects. The waves on the particular frequency are not available for a human ear to conceive, and pets being able to hear them are indifferent to those. The vibrations producing some undesirable sounds are also absent.

Switchable nightlight

This function is optional to use. At this moment, there are two variations of light available: warm yellow backlight and cold blue. When the night comes and you need some kind of night lamp not bothering your sleep, this function may be useful for you.

Pay attention to the fact that the working backlight is not a marker of whether the device is functioning. Once you plug it in, it’s working non-stop.


The appliance is not killing the pests. It would make it uncomfortable if after the EverPest termite treatment, for example, there would be a need to clean up the rooms or other spaces from little dead bodies. And if with the insects it’s not so critical, rat control makes it a far more pressing problem.

EverPest rodent control uses the technology to make the parasites go away if your house is infested. If you just want to secure yourself from this risk, the devices can serve to prevent it.

Easy to use

The instruction attached to the device is the best proof, but the main reason to get interested – is that you need no refill or supplementary equipment for the device to work properly. Open, read the short manual, and plug it – then here you are! One of the advantages is that the unit is compact, so wherever you prefer to install it, there will be no discomfort in moving by and using the space around that outlet.

Scientific approach

The company does not just say something for everyone to believe. According to the International Association of Certified Home Inspectors, a few companies are offering a similar product that can prove their efficiency by scientific evidence.

EverPest makes it different. All the claims about the productivity of the devices are supported by scientific research. So buying such an appliance, you buy reliability and long-lasting functioning.

Taking all the above into consideration, it should be said that the EverPest cost is more than justified.

EverPest pest control prices

The devices by EverPest have multiple advantages in functionality and comfort, as it was mentioned above. They differ by the covered area of protection and by the modifications according to the novelty of the models. The rest of the basic principles of work are the same in all the items.

The table below has the detailed EverPest price information, ordered from the newest models to the oldest.


More detailed info you can get on the Catalog page.

A few more specific aspects

As you can see, the majority of the devices are being sold in pairs. The reason is that to reach maximum efficiency, you need to plug one item per room. Such a condition is created by the peculiarity of the ultrasonic waves not passing through the walls.

Of course, if you look just for the EverPest bed bug removal, you can limit yourself to buying devices for the bedrooms only, but if it touches upon the EverPest rat control, or another matter being more large-scale, using one device per room/premise is far more result-oriented.

The general covered area of devices can reach from 800 to 2000 square feet coverage. It depends on the device you choose and on their quantity.

Using the EverPest ultrasonic devices is the best way to enhance your pest preventing strategy, and complete your measures of eliminating parasites of all kinds!