Skin Works Medical Spa on The Advantages Of Professional Laser Liposuction

People who want to lose weight sometimes hit a brick wall when diet and exercise are simply not enough to get the job done. Stubborn body fat can be tremendously difficult to deal with. Traditionally liposuction has been used to remove the stubborn fat from areas such as the abdomen and thighs (as well as other areas). But the traditional approach has been seen by many as invasive. But today there are new technologies such as those that are available from Skin Works Medical Spa. The latest laser lipo is non-invasive due to the use of cutting-edge technologies that remove stubborn body fat without the need for surgery.

The No Surgery Option

The traditional approach to liposuction required surgery – but laser lipo is minimally invasive. It is performed using a local anesthetic and only a small incision is required. In fact, most patients are able to resume their normal activities in about 4 days (and that includes going back to work). However, this time period may vary between patients.

Laser-assisted surgery utilizes low-energy waves provided by state-of-the-art lasers. The lasers penetrate the skin and focus on the fat cells, weakening cellular walls. This allows for the easy removal of fat cells. The small incision allows for the easy entry of a cannula which makes sucking out the fat quick and easy. The result is less pain, very little bruising, and a result that is far superior to traditional lipo.

Reduces the Appearance of Sagging Skin

The use of this new technology stimulates the body’s natural production of collagen, a protein that allows the skin to look youthful and tight. Traditional liposuction is simply not as effective at reducing the appearance of sagging skin – in fact, that skin may be missed when the liquified fat cells are removed. The newer technology results in an appearance that is more toned, contoured, and sculpted.

Quicker Recovery and Less Risk

The laser liposuction is minimally invasive therefore recovery time is much reduced. Most of those who undergo the procedure are back at work in only a few days. The procedure is performed at the New England Laser Lipo offices and patients are able to leave on the same day – and at the same time enjoy less swelling and bruising than is the case with traditional liposuction.

There is also less risk of infection with laser lipo. This is a result of the incision which is only approximately 1-2 millimeters. In the real world there is always a small risk of infection, but even taking that into account laser liposuction is a safer alternative to the traditional liposuction approach – and has been proven to improve the appearance of the skin.

Laser liposuction has less risk of infection because the incision is only 1-2 millimeters. Of course, the risk of infection is never fully eliminated, but laser lipo is a safe, cutting-edge procedure that improves skin’s appearance.