Community Outreach Center Dedicated to LeRoy Paul Darby

Counseling Centers will celebrate the naming of its new Community Outreach Center on February 25, 2022 at 2:30 pm. The room will be named in honor of LeRoy Paul Darby, the father of Katherine Darby Lee who currently serves as chair of the Board of Directors for Shield Bearer Counseling Centers.

Katherine spoke to us about the reasons she chose to do this at this time: “My dad lived with a singular purpose always in mind: taking care of his family, specifically his wife and children. In my case, I was his second family. By the time he had raised his two daughters and was widowed, he added my mom, me, and my brother and sister to his family. He adopted us and raised us as his own.

Daddy served his community as a member of the Naval armed forces and later earned a degree in journalism with a minor in psychology from the University of Houston. He earned the nickname ‘The Golden Fog’ for his ability to communicate with such clarity and authority that his meaning could never be mistaken. He believed a strong mind and a strong faith united in unconditional love could heal any hurt.

Katherine Darby Lee
Houston Brand Photographer.

“My daddy spent the last five years of his life working to heal my heart from wounds inflicted on me as a child. . .teaching me what unconditional love and acceptance was and how loving relationships worked. His influence contributes daily to the success of my 35 year marriage and family. Shield Bearer Counseling Centers seeks to do the same for others who need help in their relationships, marriages, and families. Both my dad and Shield Bearer hold the belief that it is through strong families that strong communities arise and remain to secure a good life and future for us. I can see no better way to honor both my dad and this organization than by naming the new community conference center in honor of him.”

Shield Bearer Counseling Centers is on a mission to help heal hearts in Northwest Houston and beyond. They strive to never turn anyone away based on their inability to pay. With locations from Katy to Conroe and telehealth options, there are possibilities for anyone in Texas. Shield Bearer will hold over 836 sessions in an average month, of which 63% are at a reduced price. Their monthly impact includes 67 victims of human trafficking, 46 first responders, and 39 veterans. Also included in their monthly impact are 126 people who suffer from PTSD or complex trauma and 21 people with suicide ideation, along with many others.

Shield Bearer Counseling Centers can be reached at 281-894-7222. They welcome anyone who can use someone to talk to, set up an appointment.

Please visit for more information or to find ways to support this vital cause.