Harmony School of Fine Arts & Technology Investigates Hand Sanitizer & Indoor Air Quality

The hand sanitizer you’re using to keep germs away during the COVID pandemic could be impacting your air quality. This was one of the findings Harmony School of Fine Arts and Technology teacher Patricia Kulow and her class discovered through Children’s Environmental Literacy Foundation’s Civic Science Inquiry to Action program.

Kulow and her class used Plume Labs Flow devices to collect air quality data both indoors and outdoors. They learned that chemicals found in cleaning supplies, hand sanitizers, and air fresheners can play a role in creating hazardous air quality. During the study, the class also discovered that noontime had the worst air quality outdoors in south Houston with the spike in fine particulate matter. Air pollutants have been linked to health issues like asthma.

Peggy Kulow and students are available for interviews to explain their findings, research, and the next steps to breathing clean air.

Read Ms. Kulow Class’s full finding

Harmony Public Schools is currently accepting applications for the 2022-2023 school year for both students and team members.