Telling The Right Story: The Best Product Photos Of Clothing To Engage More Customers

Can one image tell a story? Of course, it can. Can an image of a piece of clothing tell a story so that customers rush to buy it right away? Well, it depends on how you place this piece of clothing in that shot. Not to make empty claims, we will briefly describe the ways to make one item tell a whole array of stories in different types of products shots. Read on and see how you can make your products tell meaningful stories and attract more buyers to your ecommerce.


When the same item is placed in perfect/imperfect positioning, it can tell a lot. A formal shirt of polished cotton, pristine white, and freshly pressed, can convey elegance and perfection when placed strictly symmetrically in a flat lay.

The same shirt, but thrown freely, with light folds, rolled sleeves and unbuttoned collar, can tell about flexible lifestyle, easy transition from daytime to nightlife, and the versatility of the item that works well in any setting.

The close-up of the same shirt, made at an angle, with a focus on a perfectly tailored collar and buttonholes, tells a story of exceptional craftsmanship and high-street style.

Lights, camera, action!

Some items work well when some action is fused into the shot. A light chiffon or silk scarf placed in big voluminous folds, as if ruffled by the gentle wind, socks tiptoeing somewhere beyond the picture frame, a pair of jeans slightly bent at the knees level, ready to jump or run – they all imply some activity that can be performed while wearing them. Often, such shots engage customers better than poker face – straight placement.


Throw in a bundle of similar items to make them look like a team and invite a viewer to join in. It works particularly well for sportswear, socks, shorts, items produced in several colors, etc. Fold them neatly and put them on top of each other to display the color range or throw them carelessly next to each other – the free spirit and youthful drive of being a ‘tribe’ will make the sales boom.


Admire me. Adore me. I am so cool. I am unique. That’s what a minimalist shoot screams to customers. One item is placed in the center of the shot, without fancy layout tricks or exaggerated modes. Such shots focus on details, sublime execution, and perfect finish. Usually, accessories win most when presented this way. Clean white background, soft light, and voila, a masterpiece is ready.

Hero shot

Sometimes it’s called a lifestyle shot, but without a model. The clue is the addition of essential props that underscore how the item will be used – in sports, in urban life, in leisure, or for work. Position the item strategically, so that it is clear what is being sold, and add easily readable props, carefully or freely arranged, to make a story compelling and complete.

On a rack/rails/props

Sometimes you have to think big. Go out or go to a warehouse where you can make open space your ally. In the street, you can throw an item carelessly on a bike, a tree branch, a bench, or hang it on the clothesline. In a warehouse or a sales space, you can use a rack or rails and place one or many items orderly or in isolation, symmetrically or randomly, as your vision prompts you. Play with textures, props, and light until you arrive at the result that you like.


These are only brief clues as to what you can achieve in one product shot if you apply some playfulness and vision. The potential is really endless, and if you want to make the most of clothing product photography, let us know. Our images can tell many stories that will find the way to every mind and heart.