Online Gambling And Sci-Fi: What Is The Connection Between Them?

Nowadays, a classic and “loved by all” type of connection has developed between online gambling and the theme of Sci-Fi. Legendary movies like Star Wars, Men, The Thing, and so many more are back in popular demand through the connection of casino slots. The game concept of such casino slots consists of spaceships, aliens, monsters, and a theme of space inhabitant, making it even more alluring. If you want to know more about such games and about the best online casino Australia, make sure to read this article until the very end and get ready to be amazed.

These slot machines of Sci-Fi theme contain many magnetic elements like several captivating space ships, monsters of various sorts, the planets represented in an enchanting way, and so much more. So, if you participate in playing in any of the slots, you will find yourself participating in all the luxuries of space and living a “spacious” life. From protecting the Earth from the invasion of aliens to guiding her from dangerous monsters, you are bound to have the experience of a lifetime. Playing in these Sci-Fi slots is sure to give you everything you need to enjoy yourself and take relief from the stressful life. 

In this article, we will provide a list of all the exceptional and eminent Sci-Fi online slots available at really affordable prices so that you make the most of it in no time!

  • What on Earth- NetEnt

This renowned game is a Microgaming slot machine consisting of 5 reels and nine pay lines so that you can put it to the maximum advantage in a flash. The visual game of this slot machine is pretty simple to understand, is of the perfect brightness, allows you to interact efficiently, and most importantly, is amusing to play. If you are looking for the perfect Sci-Fi-themed casino slot game to play, this might be your ultimate stop as What On Earth has got it all. It is known to feature three scatter symbols. 

Doing this will turn on the Beam Em Up Bonus game in which you are required to assist the aliens in capturing thirteen distinct characters from Earth, with each character having a 200x multiplier. Also, the destination game, which is just like a bonus, allows you to travel to renowned places like London, New York, Cairo, and Beijing for a really exciting mission. The mission will seize something from its motherland using a 400x multiplier as your prize. Try out this game, and you will surely be amazed. 

  • Terminator 2- Microgaming

Most of us have heard about the record-breaking and legendary movie from the mid-1990s- Terminator 2. Well, now you will be astounded to hear that this movie is now available as a casino game. Introduced by Microgaming, this game deserves to be the best of the best. It is full of amazing features and content, allowing your action-filled journey to take a more adventurous turn. It also consists of the T 800 version, which triggers randomly and awards you high-value mystery prizes. Playing this game will give you a dashing real-life cinematic experience due to the inclusion of mind-blowing sound effects and the RTP payout rate being 96.62%.

  • Battlestar Galactica- Microgaming

The legendary TV series- Battlestar Galactica, which first made an appearance in the late 1970s and then its remake in the mid-2000s, is known to be admired by all. It has millions of fan followings and is mostly recognized for its history of science fiction. Microgaming has established a famous and excellent gaming slot machine, which does the TV show justice. The fact that the fans and other people around the world can enjoy this game makes it stand out from all the others. This game consists of 5 reels and 243 paying lines. Its base game includes three modes- Normal, Run and Fight. 

  • Little Green Men

This exceptional game includes amazing 3D graphics, which makes it groundbreaking. IGT creates this slot game, allowing you to set stakes of at least 80 credits with the 50 payline type. There is also a 40 credit with the 25 pay line type consisting of an adjustable maximum betting limit. If your reel consists of the icon of the Little Green Men, it will instantly change into an entire reel full of Wilds.

  • Aliens- NetEnt

This popular Sci-Fi slot game released by NetEnt is perfect for lovers of spooky vibe. It allows you to access three levels- The Search, The Encounter, and the Hive. A mind-blowing arcade game that provides you with the dark, spooky atmosphere may be all you need to have the experience of a lifetime. You will reach the next level when you complete all of the alien activity meters on the first level. To reach the Queen hive, you would have to fight through a corridor full of aliens. This will happen only if you kill all the aliens while protecting your ammo. In the additional bonus round, you will be put in charge of a panel that will help you control the level of shock you give to the monster. This will also give you the possibility of winning up to 25x of your triggering stake. So, all you need to do is be calm while playing this amazing game. 

  • Frankenslot’s Monster- Betsoft

This classic Sci-Fi slot game may be all you need to enjoy the perfect evening. Its high-quality sound makes it stand out from all the other games. Invented by Betsoft, this entertaining game makes you spin the reels within a laboratory arranged to look Victorian, where a mad scientist cheers on as the monster of the game becomes alive.


But before we move on you should know the basic benefits of playing these games- 


  • Helps provide a great distraction. 
  • Improves your hand-eye coordination. 
  • Fosters concentration and releases stress. 
  • Helps you win good rewards. 


All of the various Sci-Fi themed slot games provided to you above are perfect if you want to make the most of it in no time. This will also show you how Science Fiction and online gambling are closely related to one another. So, what are you waiting for? Read this article until the very end and have the experience of a lifetime.