Why choose VoIP over traditional phone lines

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a technology that enables a person to call over the internet. VoIP is becoming the better choice for businesses and people in today’s trend of growing Fibre and broadband connections. VoIP has various benefits over traditional phone calling. It can enable businesses to have an Auto-Attendant, record calls, Call-ID, and the ability to receive and place calls from anywhere (with internet availability). If you reside in the Central Florida or Miami area, Orlando Business Telephone System is a one-stop-shop for all your telecommunication needs.

VoIP is different from traditional phone line methods. Rather than being placed on phone lines, the call is placed over the internet. This method uses an IP address (Internet Protocol) to connect devices over the internet. This also eliminates the need for an actual telephone; a computer can suffice as a communication device. If you have Internet, you can place calls without the need for any phone service, and traditional phone wiring need not be installed. VoIP has been used since the 80s by businesses like OBTS to automate customer care calls or advertise through phone calls. There is a catch though. For bigger businesses, you may need Specialized hardware, to perform phone service. Experts like Business Phone Service Orlando can help you integrate this specialized equipment into your workflow.

Here is how VoIP can benefit your business:

Lower Cost

VoIP offers the same call time and approximately 50-60% lowers costs. These are considerable savings for all businesses whether small or large. This method eliminates the need for an actual telephone line or wiring to be installed in your business or home, eliminates the need for multiple attendants as auto-attendant can attend your calls for you and even make scheduled calls.


VoIP has a vastly larger reach than traditional phone lines. In traditional phone services, the cost for international calls is much higher than local calls and takes much longer to place than VoIP calls.  VoIP has a worldwide reach, if you have an internet connection you can place the call over the internet to anywhere in the world, at a fraction of the cost and time of traditional phone calls.


VoIP has many more features than traditional calling. Auto-attendants can take, make, hold and schedule calls. This is the most helpful aspect of VoIP from a business perspective as this is faster and more cost-efficient than hiring a bunch of assistants.
Call-ID is one useful feature of VoIP, it helps identify who the caller or the person being called is. Orlando Business Telephone Systems are known for their range of features at a reasonable price.

Higher Quality Sound

VoIP offers higher call quality than traditional phone lines. The audio isn’t muddy, the words are much clearer and not incoherent. Owing to the fact that VoIP has much higher bandwidth than traditional calls, the latency between the speaker and the receiver is lower, and the audio transmitted uses more of the audible spectrum and makes the voice come across clearer, richer almost as if being EQ’d.

Expert Knowledge

A trusted VoIP provider like Orlando Business Telephone Systems: can cover all aspects of business communications especially in the Florida, Miami area. It is beyond being just a voice call tech. It offers IM (instant messaging), emailing, and management of voice calls. These providers are experts in these fields and have knowledge of algorithms and methods that they can use to route traditional calls to your VoIP server and vice versa.


VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is an innovation that empowers an individual to bring over the web. VoIP is turning into a better decision for organizations and individuals in the present pattern of developing Fiber and broadband associations.  The VoIP phone Systems Miami offers different advantages over Traditional telephone calling. It can empower organizations to have an Auto-Attendant, record calls, Call-ID, and the capacity to get and put calls from anyplace (with web accessibility).

It offers cost and time-efficient manners of engaging with clients as well as staff and improves the productivity of the staff.