A Travel Guide if You are Travelling to Attend Events in Detroit Today

Detroit is among the unique places that exist on everybody’s bucket list. It is commonly referred to as The Motor City due to its bustling culture and lifestyle. It is lively, vibrant, and always charming.

If you have decided to spend this weekend in Detroit or attend an event in Detroit today, you will need a travel guide by the side. This travel guide includes everything best in the city to help you explore its heart. Everything from places to stay, things to do, and foods to eat, this guide has all of it covered for you. If you are traveling to Detroit today, do not forget to give yourself a quick read of this guide.

Where to stay

Before visiting Detroit, it is preferable to decide where you are going to stay. When you visit the city, begin with the heart of the town, that is downtown. You will find many hotels downtown, but you can prefer to choose hotels near the venues where you are going to attend events. Fortunately, most of the popular events fix their venues in downtown Detroit. Finding a hotel near your venue won’t be a difficult task.

Fortunately, if you are attending an event downtown, one of the most sought-after hotels is Detroit Foundation Hotel, which is perfectly charming and accessible to tourists. It used to be the Detroit Fire Department Headquarters, so you will be able to spot a lot of history prints in the hotel. It can offer a wonderful stay. You can also look for other hotels around that are in proximity to the event’s venue.

If you haven’t booked tickets for any event, you can do it the other way round. Book the hotel and Google “live events near me” to make a plan for the evening.

Where to eat

When it comes to filling yourself with delicious food, Detroit is never disappointing. It has food stores and restaurants in all of its corners, and the majority of them are downtown. For your convenience, here is a rundown of the most popular eats and cafes.

  • Astro coffee

It is a tiny coffee shop located in the center of Corktown. It is a great and the oldest neighborhood to explore when you are in Detroit. It is situated near downtown. At this little café, you can enjoy homemade pastries, mochas, and classic lattes. If you are a true coffee lover, this tiny café is made for you.

Plan to make a visit to this cozy place after attending the event in Detroit today.

  • Central Kitchen and bar

It is an excellent spot for grabbing wholesome lunch and dinner. Situated in the First National Building, this restaurant and bar feature an American-infused menu that has everything to satisfy your taste buds.

Sites that you must visit

When you are done attending all the events planned in the itinerary, Detroit has some Downtown sites that you shouldn’t miss. Some must-visit spots include One Campus Martius, Z Parking Structure, Guardian Building, Detroit Jazz Festival, Punch Bowl Social, and Detroit Tigers Football Game.

There is a lot that Detroit has to offer. Explore the top events in Detroit today, and do not miss the most popular among them. For a hassle-free trip, take the suggestions mentioned in this guide.