Staying Motivated When Working Remotely for a Digital Agency

Working remotely for a digital agency gives you some flexibility, and means you don’t have to spend time commuting. However, it still means you’re expected to achieve the same results as you would if you carried out your work in an office. So, it’s important to stay motivated. Here are some ways to keep your mind on your work.

Monitoring your results

Monitoring your results gives you something to work with, to show you what you’re doing right and what you need to work towards improving. helps you do this. So, you can measure results from your campaigns on social media, adapt your website SEO, and take a look at analytics and so much more. This comprehensive look at how your business is performing can reveal strengths and weaknesses, so you won’t be left guessing what steps you need to take to improve.

Setting a schedule

By setting a schedule and sticking to it, you ensure you get your work done on time. This doesn’t mean your work hours can’t be flexible. One of the benefits of remote working is flexibility. You can work for a set number of hours in the morning, then stop to take care of other commitments you have, then complete your work in the afternoon. Or you could do the majority of your work in the evening, providing you meet any deadlines and targets.

The important thing is to fulfil your contracted hours and/or the amount of work expected from you.

Reducing distractions

Working remotely means you could get distracted by family, neighbors calling round, having a radio or television nearby or anything else which you wouldn’t normally deal with when working in an office. If you can create a workspace away from distractions, this can help. If you’re likely to wander around your house and get distracted by certain things, try to avoid them. While it’s important to take a break from your computer screen and stretch your legs, don’t get side-tracked by anything which will keep you from completing your work on time.

Start a new task before taking a break

Taking regular breaks is important, but many people wait until they’ve completed a task. This is understandable, as you don’t want to lose your train of thought. However, when you get back to your desk, it can be difficult to get motivated again. If you find this happens to you often, it might be best to start a new task before taking your break. This gives you something to continue. If you’re worried about forgetting your ideas, keep post-it notes on your desk. Use these to scribble down a few words to refresh your memory about the direction you were heading in with your work.

Once you learn how to stay motivated, working remotely can be rewarding. It may take a little time if you’re used to working in an office, but you’ll soon realise the benefits and may even become more productive.