5 Best Military Boarding School

Most military schools in the US are schools with a strong emphasis on military training, academic rigor, and physical fitness. Consider the top 5 military schools that accept applicants from an early age.

The 5 Best Military Schools for Kids in the U.S.

A military school is a specialized institution that trains academics as well as prepares candidates for officer service. They are located in several countries and offer regular high school education, but with an additional military training course. A military school for children is in high demand because of its prestige.

In general, military schools instill values such as respect, discipline, responsibility, and leadership through rigorous academic and physical training. Military school is the first stepping stone to building a professional military career. In these institutions, students receive secondary education with a military professional profile. To enroll there, you need to pass a medical examination, pass exams, and bring a package of documents for a personal file. The list of these documents necessarily includes an autobiography of the student for admission to a military school. If you have doubts about how to correctly write an autobiography, refer to write my essay service.

In this article, we will look at the 5 best military boarding schools for children.

What is a military school?

A military school is an educational institution that prepares candidates to serve in the officer corps. It usually provides education in a military environment. A military school for children is a type of high school that includes military training for cadets and is a form of the military academy.

Applicants and their parents are wondering – how to achieve academic success? Military schools for children offer a regular high school education, but with an additional military training course. For example, cadets have to get up early and do physical education and games in the afternoon. Such a strict upbringing, combined with a high-quality education, helps to achieve high results.

However, just as in high school or middle school, they have academic classes after breakfast. There may be self-study classes in the evening. As part of a military institute, seniority is important, and the senior’s commands must be obeyed by the junior.

What are the best military schools for children in the United States?

There are several military schools in the United States, but here we have listed the 5 best schools for children.

1. Camden Military Academy

Camden Military Academy is located in Camden, South Carolina. The institution upholds the “holistic person” motto in terms of its approach to the academic community. In addition to academics, students are also encouraged to grow physically, emotionally, and mentally.

The average class size is only 12 students. The teacher-to-student ratio is 1: 7, which provides plenty of face-to-face interaction. Students average 1,050 on the SAT and 24 on the ACT.

2. Fork Union Military Academy

Fork Union Military Academy is a military school that does well on the SAT. The average score is 1110, which is the fifth among military prep schools in the country.

The men-only military academy has a long tradition of very good scores on college entrance exams, and thus admission to very prestigious universities is commonplace.

3. Naval military academy

The Naval Military Academy is located in Harlingen, Texas. The academy offers over 50 courses at reasonable prices. The average tuition and living expenses are $35,000 XNUMX per year.

More than 250 male students, ages 7 to 12, attend the academy. Class size is relatively small, with a teacher-to-student ratio of 1:11.

The academy is primarily designed to provide opportunities for those interested in joining the U.S. Marine Corps. Along with honor courses, students can also enroll in aerospace and marine science.

In addition, 40 acres on campus are dedicated to the physical training of the Marine Corps. JROTC and organized sports are also offered through the institution.

4. Admiral Farragut academy

Admiral Farragut Academy is a private military preparatory school for boys and girls. It provides classroom instruction for grades 8-12. The small campus is located in Boca Ciega Bay in St. Petersburg, Florida.

The academy offers signature programs including Naval Science (Military Science), Aviation, Engineering, Marine Science, Submarine, and AP Capstone.

There are just over 300 students in the military preparatory school. The average class size is 17 and the teacher-to-student ratio is 1:15. The average annual tuition for students is $48,000 $56,500, including meal costs.

5. New York Military Academy

The New York Military Academy not only makes our list one of the most exclusive military schools in the United States for 2021 but also one of the highest achievers.

The average SAT score for New York Military Academy students is 1,200 – the fourth highest in the nation. The co-educational school performed well for both boys and girls and offered promotions to some of the nation’s top universities.

The high performance is due in part to the extremely small class sizes. The average class has only eight students, providing a tremendous amount of face-to-face interaction and learning.

FAQ Section

Are there free military schools?

The only free military schools are those that are part of the public school system.

What is the minimum age to attend military school?

Each military school in the United States has its own admissions requirements. The norm is between the 6th and 8th grades. Thus, students can be between the ages of 12 and 15. It depends on the academy.

Can I get financial aid at military schools?

Yes, of course. All military schools in the United States offer some financial aid. The number of recipients and the amount of the grant varies greatly depending on their contributions, among other factors.

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