Turn Your Local Military Homecoming Story into Public Art in Sugar Land

The Sugar Land Legacy Foundation is accepting submissions from Sugar Land military families for the Welcome Home project. Some of these submissions will be chosen to be made into a series of bronze statues in Memorial Park depicting loved ones welcoming home active service members.

Submissions should include information about the family’s welcome home story, including the name, rank and branch of the service member and a photo of the welcome home experience. Submissions are open to military families who live within the corporate limits of Sugar Land. To submit a story, please visit www.sugarlandlegacy.org/welcome‐home‐at‐sugar‐land‐memorial‐park. Submissions are due November 29, 2021 at 11:59 p.m.

The Sugar Land Legacy Foundation is also accepting donations to help meet this project’s estimated $200,000 goal. To donate, click the link above. For more information, contact the Sugar Land Legacy Foundation at sugarlandlegacy@gmail.com.