The Best Monday Night Football Traditions

Are you ready for some football? Hank Williams Jr. has been asking this of fans on Monday nights during most football seasons since 1989. If you were watching, the answer was always “yes,” of course. For football fans, there was no reason to dread Mondays during the fall. The weekend seems a little longer when you know you have a big game to look forward to that evening.

American football players are ready to start a match on modern field at night

Since 1970, the Monday night game has been a staple of the NFL schedule. For decades it was the only game on the weekly schedule that had no competition for eyeballs. More recently the NFL has added a Sunday night in the 80s and a Thursday night game in 2006. The Monday night game is still considered the most important, and fans treat it differently than the others. Because of the excitement and importance of the game, many fans have their own traditions for watching. Here is a collection of the best and most fun of them.

Getting Together

As Willams Jr. says in his famous Monday Night Football theme, “All my rowdy friends are here on Monday night!” It’s true. Football fans all over the country, from dorm rooms to mansions, get together with friends and family to watch the game, no matter who is playing. It’s a time to talk football, to yell and cheer, and enjoy an extra day of fun as the work week starts. On Monday, all of the other games have been decided, so everyone can talk about what happened over the weekend and how it impacts the season going forward. For many, it’s the most important social gathering of the week, all season long.

Dressing the Part

For many fans, watching Monday Night Football means having a chance to wear your favorite paraphernalia. That could mean a jersey with a favorite player’s name on it, or a ballcap. If it has the logo of an NFL team, then it gets worn on Monday nights. It doesn’t even matter if the team is playing that week. It’s a chance to represent your fanbase and show off a little, too.


When it’s the only game happening, you can bet that there will be heavy action on the outcome. Monday night is a chance to make up for weekend losses, or pad the bankroll of a successful Sunday. You can bet not just on the winner, but many other factors as well. You can bet over/under, the spread, and prop bets during the game. When betting, make sure to check an expert betting source like Doc’s for all of your pre-game picks, facts, factors, and pans. There’s no need to play for a lot of money, but having some skin in the game can make it that much more exciting.


Fans often want to feel like they are a part of the action. They want to feel like they are a part of their team’s success. That’s why there are so many superstitions among football fans. For some, it might mean wearing team colors or even underwear beneath clothing for the work day on Monday. For others, it might be always sitting in the same seat because you sat there 20 years before when the Cowboys overcame a 21-point deficit. Whatever a superstition is, it’s a fun way to feel like you are helping (or at least not hurting) your favorite team during a big game.


Maybe you are a health-food fanatic most of the time. Or maybe you only indulge on certain occasions. For a lot of fans, Monday night is just the occasion to enjoy food that you don’t normally eat. Football food can be anything, but the most popular include pizza, nachos, chili, chicken wings, and chip dips. You can fire up the grill for some brats, or even steaks. Monday night is a time to be a little excessive while enjoying the game. It’s Monday, after all, and you need to do whatever you can to overcome the dread many people feel with that day of the week.


This one almost goes without saying. If you are going to extend the weekend a little bit, then you need to have some drinks to celebrate. The beverage most commonly associated with Monday Night Football is beer, and it must be ice cold. Whether you only have a couple or you drink enough that you need to take an Uber home, tipping back a few will get you and your pals into the spirit of things.

Tuesday Morning

Let’s face it, all that eating, drinking, and even staying up late can be rough on the body. It might mean that it’s tough to get up the next morning for work. In fact, during football season, millions of people drag themselves to the office drinking extra coffee and water, and with a bottle of Aspirin in their pocket.

As you can see, Monday nights are a big deal for football fans. The many traditions just makes the game that much more fun for everyone, except possibly the hangover, of course.