Jonathan Diaz Explains The Importance Of Optimized Lead Generation

It couldn’t be more important for businesses to be able to effectively generate leads – after all, without them, most companies would lack the necessary customer base and sales they need to grow.

But companies need to have a well-developed strategy to attract the kinds of customer they want to market to. Without a strategy in place, there can be no effective targeted, and with no targeted, generating leads becomes almost impossible.

It makes sense, then, that any business must focus on finding ways to generate leads in order to convert them into paying customers and raise sufficient revenue to keep their operation afloat.

However, it isn’t always as easy as it may appear to generate those all-important leads – there are lots of ways to generate them, but not every method will work equally well. This is why optimizing the process of lead generation is so essential.

What Kinds Of Businesses Need To Generate Leads?

Essentially, Jonathan Diaz says, any business which needs customers to survive needs lead generation. All companies that rely entirely on customers’ revenue to survive, such as service providers, restaurants and retailers, are extremely dependent on lead generation to keep their doors open.

But not all lead generation strategies work for every business, and not every business owner is up-to-date with the latest methods that have been proven to be successful.

How Can Leads Generation Be Optimized?

There are a number of ways in which generating leads can be optimized, including by targeting keywords in content, creating lead nurturing materials such as ebooks, and by selecting several social media platforms through which target audiences can be reached and engaged with.

“An omni-channel lead generation approach is the best way to optimize the process,” Diaz believes. “Understanding the customer’s journey is key to engaging with them across many different platforms. When the target audience are exposed to lead generation techniques through the web, through mobile apps and through social media, not only are more bases covered, but people are also less likely to feel as if businesses are bombarding them with their output, and this makes them more eager to engage with content in the long-run.”

The Cost Of Lead Generation

In general, lead generation can become expensive. Getting a skilled team in place to tackle lead generation strategies alone can be costly, since hiring multiple staff members with the right skills and experience doesn’t come cheap.

This is just another problem that business leaders today are facing. Not only do they struggle to optimize their lead generation strategies, but they also struggle to afford to pay the necessary employees to get the job done properly.

“Optimizing lead generation couldn’t be more important for businesses of all kinds,” Diaz states “especially in today’s highly competitive marketplace. However, companies are facing a lead generation perfect storm. Not only do they struggle to find strategies that work, but they also have insufficient budget to cover the costs of implementing those strategies even if they do manage to find them. This is why I created Rocket Dyno.”

Rocket Dyno – A Cost-Effective Lead Generation Solution

Having recognized the problem that businesses are facing in terms of optimizing their lead generation strategies, Jonathan Diaz decided to create a company that would fill the gap in the marketplace. The result is Rocket Dyno – a turnkey, industry-proven solution that generates, nurtures and transfers high-quality leads to companies.

“I developed Rocket Dyno to help companies to grow through the power of real human lead nurturing.” Diaz says. “When companies use our services, we handle lead generation, nurturing and prospecting on their behalf so they can spend more time and money on the most important thing – closing deals!”

Rocket Dyno offers a great way for businesses to grow and thrive through effective lead generation.

“Our expert media buyers team has managed more than $20 million in advertising spend.” Diaz says. “We manage, create and optimize lead generation and then continue pursuing leads for a period of 6 months for long-term nurturing. When a lead is ripe for conversion, our team alert the company so that immediate action can be taken.”

Diaz is eager to point out that his company never use robo-dialers or bots when contacting leads. “We have a live team of agents who directly qualify leads and answer questions they may have” he says “we believe that real communication is key, and we’ll even provide all of the scrips and nurturing messages, although businesses can customize them to suit their own needs.”

Within just six months, Diaz’s business has scaled past than 300,000 ARR and has worked with some big-name organizations such as Farmers Insurance. It’s no wonder that the future seems bright for Rocket Dyno, and for the companies that choose to use its services.