University Cybersecurity Gaps Could Cost Students Their Identity

Recent statistics suggest that every two seconds, an identity is being stolen in America. Yup, you may think how can people steal your identity? Its quite simple really if you have personal information available online or on your electronic devices. Your personal information can easily be accessed by an experienced hacker if you don’t have a double VPN or added protection set up on your devices.

A double VPN will protect your information two-folds using the technique of VPN chaining. VeePN has a secure and robust double VPN option that will keep all your data secure from any kinds of breach or threat of identity theft. Sometimes it becomes essentially to secure your identity.

Let’s explore the concept in detail and see how people can steal your identity.

What is Identity Theft?

Personal information such as your name, address, SSN, and email address can be stolen and used without your permission in an identity theft. A victim of identity theft may experience more than just a minor inconvenience as a result of the incident.

A data breach may allow hackers to get your personal information. Hackers can take your information in other ways, such as if you use a public computer or visit an unprotected website. These are just a few instances.

After that, they’ll be able to make use of your personal information anyway they see fit, all at your expense and disadvantage. This is how to steal an identity and how it can easily be stolen.

There is proper data that shows that different kinds of criminals are in the process of carrying out this identity theft crime and using a double VPN may be your only chance to protect yourself from these identity thieves.

What Can Happen If Someone Steals Your Identity?

1.   Credit Cards

Your information can be used to open up a new credit card and the thief can easily start using a credit card in your name as they see fit. They can also apply for loans in your name. You see how this can become a problem for you. This is how someone can steal your identity.

2.  Medical Treatments

Your information can easily be used to finance medical treatments. These can range from low to high cost bills. Money is money and if its lost to someone else and that too through theft. You have a problem on your hands.

3.  Airline Miles

Your information can be used to take advantage of your airline miles as well. You may be saving them up for a special occasion, only to find out that they have been used up by someone else.

The above are just some minute examples of how to steal an identity and how it can be misused easily. As a university student, you have to be extra careful not to keep your information lying around and always use a double VPN to protect your data online. Especially, when you are using public networks on campus and other places.