A Guide Through Dos and Don’ts Of Hyperbaric Chamber Treatment

There are a number of things you need to take into account if you are someone opting for a hyperbaric chamber treatment. During the treatment, one needs to spend enough time inside the therapy chamber. The same is mandatory if you want to receive top notch results and the benefits that come along. However, you might want to do something since you will be spending more time inside the chamber. Also, this is totally understood. Hence, in order to help you with the same, in this piece of information, we have mentioned some things which you can do and avoid. The entire experience will be a memorable one only if you take this information into account. Hence, without any further ado, let us get started.

Things to do inside the hyperbaric chamber near me

According to the doctors, the therapy takes place inside a warm and comfortable chamber. Now when it comes to the chamber, it can either be a monoplace one or a multiplace one. By monoplace chamber, we mean a chamber where only one single patient is treated. By multiplace chamber, we mean a chamber where more than one patient is treated.

The hyperbaric chamber treatment lasts for about two hours. However, the time may extend depending on the condition of the patient. Below we have mentioned some of the things one can do inside the chamber now that a lot of time will be spent inside. Take a look.

  • Carry a book you like to read the most. This activity can only take place in a multiplace chamber so make sure you keep this in mind.
  • Bring a magazine with you if you think a lot of time will be taken inside the chamber. However, you can only do this in a multiplace chamber.
  • You are allowed to play cards with other patients but only in a multiplace chamber.
  • You can bring games with you only if you are treated in a multiplace chamber.
  • You have the right to listen to music.
  • You can watch a movie on your phone.
  • You can take a nap inside the chamber
  • Continue watching the pending series.

The list of things you can do inside the chamber is not a stressing one. Any of the above mentioned activities will help you make good use of your time. Plus, the entire experience will be convenient, and not boring at all. However, before getting anything inside the hyperbaric chamber, make sure you speak to the doctor. They will let you know what exactly you can take inside the chamber and what not.

Things to avoid taking to the chamber

It is because of the oxygen level and atmospheric pressure, one is not allowed to take specific things inside the chamber. Below we have mentioned them.

  • Any material made from rayon and nylon.
  • Petroleum products
  • Oil based items
  • Electronic items
  • Sharp items
  • Food
  • Hot pads for pain

The procedure will not take place if you carry any of the items mentioned above. In addition to this, you might have to schedule another appointment for the therapy. Hence, in order to avoid any hassle, make sure you avoid the don’ts.